Friday, June 29, 2012

Napoleonic Ships: Russian and British

Hi all

I finished both my Langton ships. I had a great time building them. They are not perfect, but I am happy with the first result. I now have a small force to give Kiss My Hardy a Chance.

Here are pictures of the 44 Gun Russian Frigate "Narva"

HMS 36 Gun Frigate Glenmore is its proud opponent!

Action at Sea!

It was a nice distraction from work and DBA (which is going so so slow). I think I will add a couple ore ships for each side n the future.

1/1200 sailing ships

Hi all

So I decided to build a couple of Langton 1/1200 Napoleonic Ships. I have now almost finished the English frigate.

I must say I am glad I went with white sails. The rigging and the building of the sails was a bit frustrating. One thing I did that cut down on the time was to rig the masts before painting and assembling the ships.

The contraption I made in order to paint the ship.

The masts undercoated and rigged.

Pictures of the almost completed product.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pre-Dreadnoughts Test Run

Hi all

We gave my scratch-built pre-dreadnoughts a test run at the Dragon's Table in Champaign. The rules were WTJs Quick Fire. Generally speaking I need to adjust the measurement scale to 1/900 games. It took the two navies 4 turns to get close enough to be able to fire. Most fire was centered on torpedo boats, with one Morean torpedo boat sunk  and a Montenegrin one badly mauled. I was surprised by the survavability of the small craft.

See some pictures below (unfortunately cell phone quality)

The Morean Torpedo boats and an Armored Cruiser steaming to action!

 The Montenegrin Fleet

Montenegrin Battleship and Protected Cruiser firing broadsides.

 Morean ships weathering the fire

Morean Armored Cruisers and Torpedo Boats

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Hi all

I am selling the following HOTT/RRTK and element based fantasy army.

Miniatures are Splintered Light minis

There are three elements of 3 armored skeletons each, three elements of 5 skeletons each, two elements of 5 zombies each, two elements of three skeleton cavalry each, an element of a skeletal elephant/mammoth, and an element of a wizard with two skeletal large beasties.

Total of twelve elements
I am asking for 50$ not including shipping and handling for continental US. Money should be paid by money order or check (sorry I am not capable with paypal).

I would be willing to swap for any painted Nikiforean Byzantine opponent DBA army, or 1 painted 1/1200 20 gun and above Napoleonic Naval Ships.

If interested please email me at Offers should be sent to my by July 15th.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

New Scratch-built Pre-dreadnoughts

Hi all

I have been productive and completed two fleets. One for the Principality of Morea and one for the Principality of Montenegro.

The Morean Fleet saw the addition of an armored cruiser and 4 TBDs of two types.

The armored cruiser 

The TBs 

The Montenegrin Fleet is made up of three pre-dread battleships, a monitor, a ex monitor turned into a torpedo boat and two TBDs.
 The first battleship

The second battleship

The third battleship

The Escorts

The Morean Fleet underway

The Montenegrin Fleet underway

I will be giving these toys a try on the 20th using WTJs Quickfire rules at the Dragon's Table