Sunday, May 27, 2012

Scratch-built pre-dread squadron

Hi all. In a previous post I showed you my first scratch-built pre-dreadnought. Well over the weekend I added two more ships for a squadron.A barbette pre-dread battleship and a armored cruiser.

Here is a picture of the pre-dread battleship

Here is our armored cruiser 

All three ships of the squadron

I really like this project. My plan is too add another armored or protected cruiser to this small fleet, plus a flottila of destroyers and then built an opposing flottila. 


Bluebear Jeff said...

If I might make a suggestion, sir. I would urge you to consider using a much darker "deck wood" for your opposing fleet . . . so that they can easily be told apart once they get intermingled (which will eventually happen).

They look good. Nicely done.

-- Jeff

Konstantinos Travlos said...

Hey Bluebear Jeff!

That is the plan! I don't know if you noticed but they are Morean ships!