Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Battle of Coronel's Star

The Battle of Coronel’s Star

Over the previous weekend I ran for the CITW get together at the Dragons Table in Champaign Urbana a game of Battle-fleet gothic. The twist was that the miniatures used were from Saganami Tactical Island.

The game took part in my Meta-Human chronicles world, and the scenario was based on the WW1 Battle of Coronel. Essentially a under-crewed and under-gunned squadron of the star navy of the Union of Liberty must hold out and damage a superior Kingdom of Edriani squadron. The UL had an ace in the hole in the form of a battle-cruiser at beck and call (arriving in turn 5). I played the UL.

The two forces were 
UL: 2X Heavy Cruisers (CA), 2x Light Cruisers (CL), 1x Battle-Cruiser (BC)
KE: 2X Heavy Cruiser, 3x Light Cruisers

The battle started out with the UL squadron dividing in two. The CLs were trying to cut of the enemy squadron, while the UL CAs moved to box them from behind. The KE started out moving in the same direction. 

The UL CLs ran to far from the CAs and found themselves engaged with the bulk of the KE squadron. 

The KE CAs turned to move parallel to the UL CAs, which also permitted them to rake the two UL CLs while those were in furious combat with the KE CLs

The firepower was too much. One UL CL was vaporized, while the other was a rendered into a drifting hulk bleaching fire. The KE CLs suffered damage but survived executing a turn to help the CAs in their engagement with the UL CAs. A truly disastrous turn of events for the Union of Liberty squadron.  The UL CAs fired their rail guns (BFG torpedoes) hoping to hit the KE CLs as those were executing their turn.

A moments respite for both forces.

 The UL BC arrives close to the KE CAs. The KE CLs drift into the range of the UL CAs, while the rail-gun shots fly harmlessly away.

 The two KE CAs engage the UL BC in furious combat crippling it!! In the turn it came in. The KE CLs suffer damage from the UL CAs, with one of them becoming crippled.

 Furious broadsides between the UL BC and KE CAs

 The KE CLs try to escape from the UL CAs

While the UL BC and KE CAs are still locked in combat. 

The KE CLs form a line and move away from the UL CAs, while the BC and KE CAs disengage. 

The KE CLs still try to escape, while one of the CLs bravely breaks off to attempt to finish off the crippled but still scary battle cruiser. 

The UL CAs move to engage the KE CAs that are trying to protect the retreating CLs. One of the CLs is left with 1 hitpoint. The BC focuses its fire on it.

The KE CLs just escape death, as the KE CAs engage in furious combat the UL CAs

While the BC approaches to kill.

 The protection for the KE CLs comes at a terrible price as one of the KE CAs explodes under the fire of the two UL CAs and the crippled BC. The last KE CL and KE CA escape.

Remaining UL forces

This was fun a battle. The low morale of the UL ships (representing the raw crews of the the historical British squadron at Coronel) was a deadly as ships failed to get Brace for Impact orders. I was cursing Churchill throughout the game (he kinda doomed the historical Cradock by refusing to send one of the modern BCs to his assistance).

BFG does provide for tense mobile and fun games. Maybe not the most realistic sci fi, but defiantly fun! 

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