Friday, April 27, 2012

New Sci Fi Stuff

Hi all

Here are some sci fi stuf I have been painting while I am in a lurch concerning motivation for painting DBA.

The first pictures represent Honorverse Ad Astra minis that represent Dissident world fleets in my Meta Human chronicles (I will try to get a write up on there at some point). They have been painted in the colors of three different Dissident polities vying over the asteroid mining operations in the Van Maanen System. Under the Treaty of the Moon, all military craft in Human Space must bear a clear polity recognition colors.

These ships represent the 4th Cruiser Fleet of the Defense Forces of the Union of Liberty, one of the biggest Dissident polities.

These ships represent the 2nd Cruiser Squadron of the Van Maanen Mining Collective, the collectivist worker regime that runs the Van Maanen mining corporation, a small Dissident polity.

These ships represent the Royal Expeditionary Force dispatched by the Kingdom of Eridani, another one of the biggest Dissident polities.

I also got a Didrenzi fleet box from the Dragons Table. See below a test paint scheme on one of the Frigates. Tell me what you think?

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