Friday, April 6, 2012

Ad Astra Once More!

So I have decided to get back to sci fi gaming.

Essentially I will use the BFG rules with proxy spaceships.

I found at the Dragons Table a pack of Minbari tanks for GROPOS which will work as alien ships.

Rules wise I will probably proxy them for Eldar craft.

I do have a general idea in mind about a science fiction setting and in that setting these represent ships of the Gliesen Xenomorph Polity, the human-space name for a not well know alien civilization that blocked human expansion in the Loop Bubble, almost overrun all of the Dissident worlds and was only stopped by the active intervention of the meta-human Enlightened Way and the Autokrator. By the Treaty of Cygni, the Enlightened Way created a barrier area closing off all star systems from LHS 288 to Gliese 832, prohibiting human expansion into them or use of Gate22 at the TZ Arietis System. In return the GXP agreed to not destroy Gate23 and Gate24 in their journey through that stellar region.

Not much is known about the GXP. The metahumans that conducted the negotiations with the GXP during the Treaty of Cygni have said that they met at least three different species of xenomorphs during the negotiations, of which one, the most humanoid, seemed to act as an intermediary for the others, one of which was an energy based life from, invisible to non meta-human perception. The other seemed to be some kind of parasite that used human and human-space alien vessels. It is believed that this specie was responsible for the massive abduction of humans during the war. Under the Treaty the Enlightened Way (EW), after a severe political debate, provided the GXP with human DNA in return for a pledge by the GXP to not kidnap humans from human-space.

The GXP keeps to its space, There are no official exchanges between human-space and the GXP. Sometimes GXP technology ends up in the hands of Dissidents and almost invariably the end result is either Jihad, Crusade or Enlightened Way attempts to get the technology or destroy it. The Jihad and Crusade do not recognize the Treaty of Cygnis (since xenomorphs must either be eradicated or shown the path) and violate GXP space. This leads to battles with EW peacekeeper forces, as leading to skirmishes and battles with GXP ships. Many times when they retreat back to human-space hunted down by GXP space a tense situation and sometimes battles erupt with Enlightened Way Peacekeepers. Even though such events have happened numerous times in the 30 years since the Treaty of Cygnis, neither the GPX nor the EW have escalated to war. It is unknown if the GPX have any contact with Autocrat Space.

These ships represent the most common type of military star-ship used by the GXP. They are organic vessels that seem to travel via some kind of Newtonian drive. The propulsion system seems to center of the two side fins, which move around to change the ships bearing. Like human-space ships it seems that they need to apply equal amount of force to change direction. There turnaround times though are way faster than that of human-space ships even meta-human designs.

Size-wise they are as big as meta-human Star Cruisers and have comparable levels of firepower. Their weapons seem to be of two types. One is a powerful long range lance that does not have a high rate of fire but could cut through a meta-human Star Cruiser in a moment. The second weapon is a type of self-moving drone that is launched in large numbers. These are lunched towards the vector of a target and become active when a target comes within 500000KM. They then "lock" on moving against the target. While individual drones are not much of a threat to human-space armor, large numbers of them can cause massive damage.

Not much is known about crews of ships. Post-combat analysis indicates small crews of jellyfish-like xenomorphs, while the interior of the ships seems to be flooded by some kind of highly flammable liquid. It seems that crew members fuse directly with the ship. No attempts, even by meta-humans to reverse engineer them has worked. It is believed that the GPX grows these ships in organic vats found by EW invasion fleets in a similar process to the one which the EW uses to build its nano-tech based vessels.

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