Thursday, February 2, 2012

DBA IV/61 Venetian Italian Condotta

A Happy new month to you all!

Since the holiday break I have not painted much. I am waiting for my 18th century order, and trying to learn Prussia's Glory II. I have also played a lot of Arkham Horror with friends.

That said I do have an army to show you! This is an Italian Condotta army representing Venetian forces in the First Ottoman-Venetian War.

The majority of units are Mirlton and they are a treat! The "Greek" stradiots are Essex.

The Flags of the army represent the Venetian Republic, the family of D'Este (one of who was a commander in the first campaigns, the Loredan family (a scion was the overall commadenr) and the Mocenigo family (A later overall commander and Doge).

The army is heavy in light cavalry and light troops to represent the more mobile warfare the Venetians waged against stronger Ottoman armies.

The Army Arrayed
From the back
Knights and Command Element

Another view
Other Knights
"Greek" Stradioti
Light Infantry