Friday, January 6, 2012

Time for a Sale!

In order to fund mein battalionen for the WAS and rationalize my collection, like a good enlightened despot, I am selling a whole bunch of stuff. Alternatevly I am willing to exchange stuff for 15mm SYW,WAS stuff suitable for Austrians, Spanish ,Neapolitans. Prices do not include postage.

Refer to pictures above by item number

1) A copy of the Warhammer Hisotrical Rules (old version) and Vlad the Impaler Supplement
10$ for both SOLD

2) My Impetus Ruleset and Extra Impetus 2 plus my 6mm Impetus Armies (see them here ) as well as 7 strips of Parthian Light Horse, 2 strips of cataphract command, and 12 strips of bowmen ( armies come in scale creep minis magnetized white box)

150$ (this is a good deal guys) SOLD

3) Nuts 1944 Rulebook and German Panzer Grenadier + UK Paratrooper squads (pics here

40$ (again a good deal considering the quality of the paint job)

4) 1/72 Eastern Renassaince Miniatures. These include a fully painted Ottoman Army based of Impetus (18 cavalry, 44 Janissary, the army is easy to rebase since I use white glue), and elements for Polish or Russian Armies ( 7 painted Polish Hussars, 19 Streletz, 22 Cossaks, one painted Cossack gun with crew). Also unpainted a second cossack gun and crew, about 20 streletz, 10 more Polish Hussars and a unopened box of Zvezda Ottoman Cavalry and one of jannisaries ). Based figues will come in a sabot container.


5) Pendraken 10mm Western later medieval (unpainted)
2x guns and 6 crew
8 Crossbowmen
6 Longbowmen
6 Mounted Crossbowmen
4 Hobilars?
56 Haldebiers
11 Spearmen (look Later Roman)

10$ SOLD

6) 28mm Wargame Factory Ceasarian Romans
20x Assembled and Basecoated in Black
5x German auxiliaries, assembled and base-coated in black

10$ SOLD

7) Beneath the Lily Banners Rulebook together with uniformology CDs for Savoyard and Spanish Armies of the War of the League of Augusburg.

30$ (a bargain if you consider that each fo the CDs is 30$)

Exchange Policies

Items worth 10$ = 10 15mm SYW/WAS infantry or cavalry miniatures for Austrians, French, Spanish, or Neapolitans or 1 6pdr gun and 4 crew (unpainted or painted)

Items worth 40$ = 20 Infantry 15mm SYW/WAS infantry or cavalry miniatures (unpainted) 10painted, or 2 6pdr guns and 8 crew

Items worth 90-150$= 80 Infantry SYW/Was or 20 Cuirassiers+ 20 Hussars + 6 dragoons Cavalry (all unpainted), or 40 Infantry and 20 cavalry painted

You can buy the whole collection above (all items 1-6) for 250$

I will cover postage for the items worth 10-50$.

Please email me at if you are interested.

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