Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Project! War of Austrian Succession

Hi all

I have begun my WAS project. The pictures below are one each of a Eureka 18mm SYW range Austrian Infantry painted as a Deutchmeister soldier and the other is a Freikorp15 15mm SYW range Austrian Infantry painted as a Diesbach soldier.

Let me give a shout-out for the customer service of both companies. Eureka USA sent the two sample minis I bought in three days.

Freikorp15 did evan better! I emailed Geoff for two samples and he sent me 3 sets of two. For free! Great service and super professionalism!

For the minis

here are comparison shots

Both minis are very nice. Eureka is a tad taller (not really noticeable). Both miniatures have a good amount of detail for 15mm with Freikorp having better pockets and buttons and Eureka better hats (they have the oak leaves while you will have to add them for the Freikorp minis, not a big deal). I believe the Eureka mini has a nicer pose but the Freikorp is not bad at all!

I photographed the Eureka miniature in phases to talk a bit about my painting style

When paining 15mm my pattern is as follows.

1) I lightly clean any flash but not mould lines. These minis are too small to be worth going after mould lines in my opinion. I wash the minis in warm water and dish soap.

2) I then undercoat the miniature black. I always do black for minis smaller then 25mm because it makes it easier to do blacking (keeping small black lines that help details stand out). After the undercoat I apply one or two thin layers of black making sure that no metal areas show.

3) I block paint the base color. For white at this scale I block paint dark grey. When block painting I cover all the are leaving some black at the deeper folds. For red I block paint GW Foundation Paint Mechrite Red. I use a mix of GW and Vallejo colors. I either leave cross belts black or paint then brown.

4) I block paint the highlights. I block paint the white making sure to leave the black at the recesses. I pain the gaiters, shoes and tricorn with dark grey. When you are painting at smaller scales I prefer to keep dark colors a tone lighter then their normal. I paint bright red as the highlight for the mechrite red. Small details like the pom-poms I just directly apply the colors on the black. I paint packs brown and highlight the cartridge box with light gray. I paint the wooden parts of the musket in brown.

5) I paint the face, palms and hair brown. I highlight the packs with light brown. I paint the cross belts and other belts white making sure to leave a line of black on the two sides. I highlight the hair with a lighter shade of brown.

6) To end it I apply a straight flesh to palms and face, make sure the mustache stands out, pick out any black lining required to raise details and paint the oak leaves a straight goblin green. I paint the musket barrel a lighter brown, and the iron parts with silvers making sure to keep black lines to raise the detail. Finally I paint a white line for the tricorn. Once the paint is dry I apply a gloss varnish coat. The final unit will be given a spray of matt varnish.

I did the same for the Freikorp15 miniatures.

I think I will use Freikorp15 for the start of my armies and then expand slowly to Eureka!

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paint pig said...

boscepThis style of painting works really well with 15mm figures in my opinion. I have tried a few variations but always come back to this, good job