Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer Update! DBA Gaming galore

Hi all

I hope everybodyis having a great summer. I am back home in Greece swiming, disseratating and paitning and playing DBA. I persuaded my good freind Peter (3 times Greek Warhammer 40k Champion) to start DBA and we have been spending a healthy amount of time painting and playing DBA. He is working on a Nikiforean Byzantine Army, a German Medieval Army (abc), and Vikings, while I am working on Ancient Spanish (a) and my Italian Condotta. All in all a good haul. Together we are the Peristeri DBA Club. A force porfunde of two :)

We have palyed 5 games trying to learn the ropes. The first two were Divine Empire (Nikiforean Byzantine) vs. Undead, from my HOTT campaign (find it here That went 1:1. We then played Slameian Tribes (Ancient SPanish) vs. Divine Empire (from HOTT), and two Nikiforean Byzantine Civil Wars. The score currently is 2:1 for Peter. Fine below two quick battle reports with pictures from the Slamenian Tribe vs. Divine Empire games, and the Nikiforean civil war I lost. Generally speaking I leraned several things from the game: 1) Make sure to understand the rules. Not fully understanding them puts you at a severe disadvatage 2) I suck at combined arms armies (like my Nikiforeans) 3) I have a tendecy to suffer losses due to recoiling into unomvable objects. 4) My LH in my Nikiforean army has died in every one of the 10 DBA battles I have fought until know. 5) Surprised at how guerrilaish was the battle between the Salmenians (ancient spanish) and Divine Empire( Nikiforeans)-> kudos to DBA for creating a good approximation.

All pictures are clickable for enlarged versions

Battle Report 1

My Salmenian Tribes (Ancient Spanish) vs. Peter's Divine Empire (Nikiforean Byzantines)

With the start of an new Thanatomachia and the dispatch of Imperial forses to the Exarchy of the West, Salmenian Tribes lunched raids into eastern imperial territories. One of the raiding forces was cught while retreating by the local theme army.

The armies arrayed

First Moves

The Salmenian Line holds while the Leader and youths drive up the flank

Measuring for the Charge.


Kn in this battel were truly a fire and forget weapon
1:1 The Auxilia drive forward killing the Lh
4:2 The BRave auxilia dies while on the flank my Lh is obliterated by his Cav

End score 4:2 for the Impeials
Ienjoyed this fight even though I lost. I really liked the fact that the Slamenian (Spanish) behaved like guerrillas hugging the Bad GOing and the Imperial (Nikiforean) line had to break up into many small melees.

Battle Report 2: Nikliforean Civil War
The Armies Deployed

Peter as Vardas Skelors. Mathematician, 3 times Warhammer 40k Champion and all around an awesome chap

Yours truly as the Basileus

First moves, notice the 13 elements

LH Saved by the cusp of the hill


Vanragians in the clash!

The Melee 1:1
Chage of hearts for me, maybe beter at the left flank

End Game

End score 4:1 for the Rebels.
Reasons for defeat: I fought according to his paln, dillidallied with his general, forgot that cavalry quick kills bow, and forgot the danger of recoils. Also bad dice :p

That is it for now. Enjoy yoursleves!

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