Thursday, June 2, 2011

Polemos 6mm French Chaussers

Here are two more units fomr my 6mm Bacchus Polemos Napoleonic French army

These are chaussers


I have completed my Undead Army (earlier post here

All figures are Splintered Light Miniatures. The army is for DBA/HOTT/ROTK

DBA: 1xWWG (Gen), 2x3Cav,3x3Bd,5x5Hd,1xEl
Hott: 1xMag(Gen), 2x3Cav, 3x3Bd, 5x5Hd,1xBeh

The Army I

The Army II
The Army III

The Army IV

The Behemoth

The Magician representing the Emperor Gordian IV (a heavily converted Zombie Figure, with DnD skeletal rats or dogs)

Gordian IV again

Zombie Hordes I (the palgue that creates them heralds a Thanatomachia)

Zombie Hordes II

DBA II/33 Polybian Roman

DBA Army: II/33 Polybian Roman
Manufacturer: Unknown

This is army was part of the gift made to me by a great TMP member. I decided to paint it as a present for a friend of mine. It represents a consular army during the Punic Wars.

The army I

The army II
The army III




Principes I

Principes II


Summer Update: Romans, Undead, French

Hi All

I passed my qualifying exams, as well as my dissertation prospectus defense which makes me a PhD Candidate! Hurrah!

It also means I had some time to finish some projects.

These are a DBA Polybian Roman Army as a present for a friend, my HOTT Undead Army, and the Chaussers for my French Polemos army.

Please find the Romans Here

The Undead Here
The French Here