Saturday, March 26, 2011

Not "dead" yet. A new Post, RCW Chess

Hi all

It has being a long time since my last post. Qualifying exams, dissertation design, and a PS2 have robbed me of most of my gaming and painting time. Thus I haven't had a chance or the motive to sit down and paint something, and thus no posts. I am well, and over the Spring Break found some time and motivation to start a new project. This is a chess set using 25/28mm miniatures with a Russian Civil War theme. It is a present for a friend and colleague of mine, and I have to say I am looking forward to working on it. Above is pictured the first piece, a Hinterland Miniatures 25mm Female Hussar I painted as the White Russian Queen. Now to be fair this is pretty fantastical for two reasons: a) Russia did not have any hussar regiments by 1918, and b) female regiments in the service of the Provisional Goverment where indistinquishable from male regiments. See . Still this is an awesome miniature and I had great fun paitning it.
With Respect
Konstantinos Travlos


David said...

Welcome back! Hope the exams et al went well.



justMike said...

I agree with David and hope all went well with your studies. Lovely little figure. I may have to consider a place this mini in the army of St. Maurice. Well done.


abdul666 said...

Welcome back!
Not strictly 'historical'? But where would be the fun and visual appeal, otherwise, specially when it comes to feminine figurines?

No hope of a Morean revival?

Konstantinos Travlos said...

Thank you for your kinds words everyone.

The exams went well, but right now I am working on the disseration prospectus.

abdul666 I am afraid I cannot find the motivation to do a imagination right now the way I would like it to be done. That said if anybody else wants to take up the mantle I would happily provide them with all the material I have had until now.