Saturday, March 26, 2011

Not "dead" yet. A new Post, RCW Chess

Hi all

It has being a long time since my last post. Qualifying exams, dissertation design, and a PS2 have robbed me of most of my gaming and painting time. Thus I haven't had a chance or the motive to sit down and paint something, and thus no posts. I am well, and over the Spring Break found some time and motivation to start a new project. This is a chess set using 25/28mm miniatures with a Russian Civil War theme. It is a present for a friend and colleague of mine, and I have to say I am looking forward to working on it. Above is pictured the first piece, a Hinterland Miniatures 25mm Female Hussar I painted as the White Russian Queen. Now to be fair this is pretty fantastical for two reasons: a) Russia did not have any hussar regiments by 1918, and b) female regiments in the service of the Provisional Goverment where indistinquishable from male regiments. See . Still this is an awesome miniature and I had great fun paitning it.
With Respect
Konstantinos Travlos