Sunday, December 12, 2010

Fantasy Campaing World:Map

The map above represents the fantasy world I will be using to situate all my ahistorical DBA/RRK and Hott battles. For the time being it has no special name, and the back ground is primarilly in my mind. You can find some backround on the page for the Undead Army.

Generally speaking this is a low magic dark ages tach world. It is primarilly popualted by human, as well as some fantasy races (Dwarves, Elves, Undead, maybe Lizardmen). Every DBA army I will have will have a represantation in the world so I can justify ahistorical games. While teh Dwarves, Undead and maybe Lizardmen will have their own armies, the backstory about elves is that they tend to rule over human vassals that do the fighting for them (Celtic or Nordic humans). So there will be no "elvish armies" but istead armies of their huamn vassals with maybe an element representing their elusive masters.

A list of approxiamtions with armies I have (painted and upainted) is the following

Divine Empire: Nikiforean Byzantine
Kingdom of Varnaz: Western Franks or Later Longbards
Repulbic of Litania: Polybian Republican Roman
Salamenian Tibes: Iberians/ Lusitanians
Western Horse Lords: Goths or Sarmartians
Southern Republics: Later Ottoman Turk( no artillery)

Possible-Suggested approximations
Elf Kings: Celts, Socts-Irish, Viking, Wend, Eastern Ameridian
Mountain Men: Infantry based dark age armies
The Divine Leage: Italin Communal, Greek Hoplite
Lands of the Khalifas: Sassnid Persian, Muslim 1000-1200
Southern Republic Alternative: Indian Republican
Land of Ksariya Kings: Indian armies
The Petty Kings: Sub-roman British
Eastern Hrose Lords: Huns, Mongols etc

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It sounds like it will be loads of fun.

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