Wednesday, December 1, 2010

DBA IV/55 (b) Later Ottoman 1362-1449

I haven't updated my blog for quite a while. Lots of work and very little time. That said I have been painting, and got a chance to play and lose a couple of BI games :)

My newest addition is a Later Ottoman Army for DBA. The army represents the eraly post-refoms Ottoman armies but before the widespread adoption of handguns after the Second Battle fo Kosovo in 1448. Thus it represents the armies of Murat I, Baezid I, Mehmet I and his brothers, and especially Murat II.

The army is made up of 15mm Essex minaitures from their supposed Early Ottoman Army. The set is terrible for an eraly Ottoman army as it contains Janissaries, Balkan Horse, and most importantly Delis, which only started appearing in Ottoman Armies towards the end of the era. As a result I decided to model the army as a Later Ottoman.

Essex miniatures are nice with only one real problem for me. They have terible sclupted miniatures bases, requiring the use of green stuff to make the miniature stay on a element base. This is a mjor issue for me and will probably keep me away from Essex in the future. The psiloi element of the two north african corssbows is Minifigis 15mm. I added quilted horse armor to the general's cavalry element, and I scratchbuilt the gun for the artillery element.

A close up of the cavalry, inifigs Psiloi, Jannisaries and Artillery

Turcoman and Deli Light Cavalry and Christian Sipahis

Some closeups of units
The Yeni-Ceri and scratchbuilt artillery
Turkmen Horse-Arcehrs
The Pasha/Sultan and the Kapi-Quolu

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