Friday, October 8, 2010

PhDleadhead Update: BI 6mm, DBA 15mm

Hi all

Lots of work and reading to do at school with ISA Midwest around the corner and MPSA in 3 months. But I found time to do some wargaming things.

For starters I am almost finished with my 6mm Baccus projects. I now have 3 armies for Basic Impetus: Later Sleucids, Greco-Bactrians and Parthians and enought elements for a Parthian DBA army. But I am ready to move beyond 6mm. This is a great scale for starting a new game as 1) you can quickly paint two armies 2) it looks good 3) it is relatevly cheap. For palyers on a tight budget and tight space 6mm is one of the best options out there.

Find pictures of all armies here
Secondly I got the chance to paly a couple of Basic Impetus games. A battle report of the most recent can be found here
and finally I am working on my 15mm DBA Early Later Ottomans. Find a small peek here.

One more thing. I wish to thank Kyoteblue a great TMPer for a major gift he gave me. He approached me and gave me for free four, FOUR, complete 15mm DBA armies (Lusitanians, Republucan Romans, Repulican Romans and Samartians). I really thank him and wish him the best . He is a swell guy. I have decided to gift two of the armies to good friends in honor of his action and vow to paint the other ones to the best possible standards! This also means that I have more then enough painting to last me a year and a half. Thanks Kyoteblue!

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