Saturday, October 9, 2010

Early Later Ottomans DBA 15mm

A month ago I bought a ealry ottoman dba pack from my local game store the Dragons Table. The pack was an Essex one. Once I opened it to my dismay I saw that most of the really nice minis were not appropiate for an early Ottoman army. Especialy the presence of Delis made it very problematic. I thus decided to model the army as a Ealry Later Ottoman Army representing the armies from Bayezid Yalederim to the adoption of firearms after Second Belgrade (1444 I think).

I have started the project and here is a small peek at it. The green stuff at the bases is for keeping the terrible Essex miniature bases from tilting over.

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Nikos Vouchiounis said...

As usually , your painting is one of the best I have ever seen . Post more pictures in the future Kostas !