Friday, October 8, 2010

Basic Impetus Battle Reports

Clash in the East!

Finaly got the chance to play a couple of Basic Impetus battles. Lost both of them:) Both battles are Succesor clashes and quite aptly both generals were Greeks :). Here is the battle report of the most recent clash, very condensed on time. The two armies were a augmented Later Selucid Force and a augmeented Greco Bactrian force.

The Seleucid force under my command was made up of 1xAgema CP, 2xTarantine CL,1xEl with escorts, 3xFP phalangites,1xFP elite phalangites,1xFL Thyeroforoi,1xS Cretans, 1xFL Gauls, 1 CGP Scythed Chariot

The Greco-Bactrian force under my opponents command was made up of 2xCP Greek cavalry,2xCP Cataphracts, 2xCL Bactrians Hrose Archers, 2x FP Phalangties, 2xFL Thyeroforoi,1xS Cretans, 1x El without escort.

The first picture has the lay of the land (north is up). I deployed forist. My general plan was to stymie his right flank on the river ford close to the forest in the north with the Elephants supported by the S and Gauls. I would at the same time strike hard at the center with my dense phalanxes, Heavy Calvalry and Schythed Cahriot. The Tarantines would try to flank his center using the gap between the south hill and forest. The Thyeroforoi would guard the south wood and my flank. This was a mistaken plan because it really relied on speed and from the army lists I had the handicap. The reason was his plan.

My opponent went for double envelopement. To the North side he deployed the light calvalry which would ford the river on a non-river crossing area (needs an additional turn to cross) and ride down the gap between the north wood and the river. His Cataphracts and Thyeroforoi would ford the river
at the crossing. His Elephants, Pike phalanx and S would hold the center prefering to defend and in the far south his Greek heavy cavalry,deployed beyond the hill would strike my south flank.

So the game was essentially a competition of speed. If my center crushed into his before he otufloanked me at either side I would win. If my center was too slow then I would get surrounded by his more numerous horse. In another word my plan was already the more risky of the two. But in good devil may care Succesor panache I went with it :)

The battle opened with essetially oen of his Cataphracts clashing with my Elephants at the ford. His elephatns in the center stopped my scythed cahriots in their tracks while those were rushing to hit his phalanx. My phalanx broke in two groups. One going towards the elephants in the cneter and the other towards his pike phalanx in the center.

In the center my chariots lost but his elepants were then destroyed by my phalanx. At the same time in the north my Elepants destroyed the frist unit of cataphracts only to be destroyed in turn by his general and the second unit of cataphracts. At about the same time his Light cavlary was done crossing the fords. My Gauls tried to stymie the coming onsalught but were destroeyd by a unit if thyeroforoi due to my unwilligness to risk a failed charge.
At the south end stupidly I decided to use my Tarantines to attack his phalanx rather then slow down his thundering heavy greek horse. A foolish move as my pikes were nowehre close to engangement with his.

As my north flank was evaporating in the center one of my tarantines made contact with the phalanx and got destroyed while the Heavy Greek calvary was on their heels. My thyeroforoi in the south made a valiant but foolish attempt to stop the greek cavlary and died. But one of my phalances made contact, pushed the enemy back, but then died after a lengthy fight.

What followed then was despearation at my side. My general in good Succesro fashion drove his cavalry into the enemy general unit (Cataphracts). A wild battle ensued which was lost by the Greek heavy calvary of my general. In the center. My second Pike unit made contact with his pikemen and destroyed them, but alas the battle was lost as the enemy calvary surrounded my armies remains. Like good Succesor troops, the Pezaiterhaioi lay down their arms and offered their servicesto the victor.

The battle was fun, but now that I thought about my plan was very very stupid. With how much cavalry he had I should had hunkered down and turned that area in the center between those two forests into a fortress. My army was slower but had more staying power and I did not take adavantage of it. But alas, like a good Greek I prefered the exhilaration of attack :) Still the game was fun and very bloody (something like 7 or 8 lost units for me and 4 for him). I still need to get used to some things about the rules (misread the firing rules and thus the skirmishers in the game ended up being useless). All in all a fun game!


Shaun said...

Great report. 6mm looks nice.

I like the arrows and labelling in the pictures. I have been thinking about doing this in my reports too as I think it would be worth the effort.

Konstantinos Travlos said...

I think that that would be worth the time: a) it cuts down on the number of pictures required for a report b) halps show the flow of battle better.

I do like your blog a lot!