Friday, October 8, 2010

Basic Impetus Armies in 6mm

I am almost done with my 6mm ancients projects (just a couple minis)
I have enough minis for three all option BI armies: Later Seleucids, Greco-Bactrians, and Parthians. I also belive I probably have enough eleemnts for two Impetus armies. I also have enough Parthians for a DBA 25mm base scale army.

The Later Seleucids

The Greco-Bactrians

The Parthians

Some focused shots on new elements

Parthian horse archers, also masquerading as scythians in hellenistic service

Parthian Cataphracts

Parthian Hrose Arcehrs in Cantabrian Circle

Scythed Chariots!

The Greco-Bactrian Pikes. I based them diffrently from the Seleucid ones. Less pikemen but light infantry escorts. I like it.


Hellenic Greek Cavalry

All in all I am very happy with the results. One piece of advice-> undercoat black. It makes it easier.

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yorkie said...

Nice looking armies, yep, undercoat black, i too found out the hard, time comsuming way!!