Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sale from PhDleadhead

Hi all

I am holding a small sale for minaitures I am not going to be painting, or painted armies I won't be using. The sale will first e posted for a week for blog watchers, and then annanounced on TMP. So take advanatge of the windfall. What is for sale and prices(negotiatable for up to 15%, or for single items)

GNW Minaitures 25/28mm: Unpainted 30 minis, 4 standard bearers, 3 NCOs and Officers, 2 Drummers. Pikes will also be provided. (Dixon and Imperialist)
Price: 20$ (I will cover S&H)

Falmes of War Soviet Tank company 15mm: Painted and unpainted
Painted:6xT-34/42, 6Xt-34/85,2xSU-152(or SU-122),6xTransports, 9xBases of Assult Infantry, 1xComamnd Base.
Upainted: Pack of Heavy Mortars and Crews, 3 bases of Bailed out Groups.
Al will come in Sabot containers and palstic container. (FOW and Old GLory and Battel Honors)
Price: 80$ (I will cover S&H)

War of the Legaue of Aurgsburg Units 15mm:
Painted 2x Units made up of 3 bases each of 7 miniatures each, plus two bases of four pikemen each. Hanpainted Flags.
Unpainted: 8 Packs of Grendiers/ Musketteers and 1 Pack of Hussars.
Will come in Sabot container (Venexia)
Price: 40$ (I cover S&H for Continental US)

Thrity Years War units 25/28mm:
Painted: Pike and Shot Unit made up of 20 Musketteers, 20 Pikemen and command, handpainted flags,10 Cavalry with command.
Unpainted: 6 Dragoons/ Harbequisers and 8 Pikemen and Command (Metal Pikes included but not shown)
Will come in Sabot container (Foundry, Perry, Asult Group, Dixon)
Price: 60$ (I cover S&h)

Payment method of preference is check. Receipts will be provided for all purchases.
If interested please email me at