Sunday, August 15, 2010

Four Impetus: BI Vikings

Finally I finished the Basic Impetus Viking army in 1/72. The army was a joy to paint. The miniatures are Strelets and Zvezda. All in all the cheapest of all Basic Imeptus Armies in the Four Impetus Program (14$). I decided to go for the 15mm basing rather then the 1/72. This a) perimitted the army to be finished faster, and b) gave a DBA feel to army creation. 1/72 with 15mm basing is the cheapest way to create a Basic Imeptus Army. A good way to start the game. A first bunch of pictures below.

Where to from here?
Well Four Impetus is still not finished. I still have the 28mm Marian Roman Army. That said I am not sure I will ever get to finish it, except if I take it with me to Greece when I go for vacation and only work on it. After spending 2 years working on historicals I have gotten unsued to needing to work on buidling the miniatures.
On the painting queqe I have a) sci fi ships b) DBA Early Ottomans c) 15mm Byzantines to start turning the DBA to a BI army. d) Rhino for my 40K Space Marines e) 4 units of 6mm Napoleonic cavalry for Polemos f) finishing off the units to turn the Seleucids BI army to Impetus
Future projects are probably going to be opponents for my compelted historical armies: 1) DBA Early Hungarians for DBA Byzantines 2) BI Andalusians for Vikings 3) Impetus Parthians for Seleucids. I am alos interested in building a pair of HOTT armies or Basic Impetus Fantasy, either Artesian armies, or something GW themed.
Anyway we will see how my interests, motivation and time go.

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Prufrock said...

I have these same figures, and have been meaning to build a BI army with them. Your efforts make for some good inspiration!