Saturday, August 28, 2010

First DBA Games

Hi All
Got a great chance to play DBA and try my Byzantines with Mike from minigamermike. We played 4 games, from last to first

100 Years War English vs. 1419 Mideval French- I won that thanks to the Englush Knights actually winning a Knight Battle with the French. 3-4
Late Carthigians vs. Nikiforeans-> Lost spectacularly with Cathigians when my Elephants were peppered with arrows from the Byz. infantry and crushed into the Carthigian phalanx. 4-0

War of the Roses English vs. War of the Roses English. I think I lost this one.

WoTR vs. WoTR

WoTR vs. WoTR

Nikiforean Byzantines vs. Normans. Not sure I remember who won.

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Dale said...

Yes, Later Carthaginians are tough to win with. Just as an aside, you had too many groups at deployment: 5 PIPs worth. You opponent had a single group.