Monday, June 28, 2010

Basic Impetus/DBA 15mm Niciphoreans

Here are pictures of the DBA elements of my 15mm Khurashan Byzantine Army that will serve as the foudnation for the BI army. I am almost done with the army which only lacks the 4 BW/SP units to be complete.

Varangians and Psiloi

The Emperor and retinue

Elite Tagmatic Cavalry

Normal Tagamtic Cavalry

Thematic Cavalry



Just four elemets to go!

Basic Impetus 6mm Late Selucids

Here are pictures of the finished 6mm Baccus Later Seleucids for Basic Impetus. Excellent miniatures that were a joy to paint. But that said I advise you to prefer the cast pike phalanxes then the open hands one except if you enjoy trying to put small pikes into tiny slots. The army is supposed to represent the force led by Dimitreus III agianst Parthia, the last large Seleucid campaing.

Normal Pike Elements. The one to the left has pikes made from hard brush and the one of the right ffrom paper clips. The former is easier to use.

The elite Argyraspids (Silver Shields) on the left and the specualtive Chrysaspides on the right.

Thyreoforoi and Cretan Archers

The royal agema (used for the 1 CP option in the BI army)

Armored African or Asian Elephants with Escort

The Army Arrayed
This is a great army and looks good on the table-top. The great thing is that I still have enough minis from the Baccus DBA pack it came in to create a Impetus army. All for 45$! A good buy.

Four Impetus Update!

Hi all

It has been a long time since my last post but this was, like the last one a demanding semester. I passed my second year review and now I am looking towards my August qualifying exams. At the same time research and writing requirements are going up as slowly slowly I am creeping to the end of my long road as a student and at the begining of a hopefully longer one as a member of academia.

I did not stop painting but the Four Impetus project is by defintion a long term project. I am happy to say that the second Four Impetus Army is done! If you remember the first one I finsihed was the 10mm Pendraken Swiss Confedarate Army which was a present for a friend. Well the 6mm Baccus Basic Impetus Later Seleucids Army is done.

Find pictures here

On anotehr front I am close to finishing the first stage of the 15mm Four Impetus Project. I decided to start first by building a DBA army and then expanding it to a BI army. Permit me to remind you that the miniatures are 15mm Khurashan Minis and the army the Niciphorean Byzantine (Eastern Roman). The minis are truly a great fun to paint and the results excellent. I have finished every option but the 4 BW/SP elements.

Please check out the pictures here.

Finally I rebased my 1/72 Vikings from the 25mm base system of BI to the 15mm BI system. This brings me closer to finisheing the army (half of the elements are done) and will eprmit me to prepare a second Viking army as an opponent.