Sunday, February 28, 2010

Update on Four Impetus

Hi all

Painting and gaming time are on a prenium this semester, and thus my projects are moving forward slowly. But some progress is being done
On the 1/72 front the second Viking Housecarls unit is ready. I am really happy how the shields turned out. Blacking really helps colors stand out. But it can be tedious when trying to do it for the whole miniature. This units contains one fantsy element. The redhair warrior in the center has woad tatoos and a shield with a dragon motif. Obviously his descend is not Nrothman. He is a promise fullfiled to a certain TMPer.

I also bought the miniatures for the last part of the Basic Impetus project. This is a 15mm Nikiphorean Byzantine Army. The big part of the army is Khurashan Miniatures, with some Essex miniatures used for psiloi.

The cost right now is about 80$. Initially I am going to build and paint a DBA Core. Then I will built the Basic Impetus army, and then expand it to a 400pts Imeptus Army. I have bought Extra Impetus 2 which contains the army lists for Middle and Later Byzantine (Roman) armies.

The problem I have right now is to decide if I am going to built the Impetus units using multiple DBA elements or use another way. I am starting to prefer the second option as the first may be too expensive for me. My thought is to sabot the DBA base in the middle of a BI base, on which I have placed some miniatures. Thus I will still get fairly populated bases, but not requiring the double or quadruple number of miniatures of the DBA element. I will keep you posted.

Here is a preview. The Khurashan Miniatures Psiloi element. Really nice figures. There is also an Essex for comparison. I would not mix Essex calvary with Khurashan calvary, excpet if all of them are on Khurashan horses. Infrantry seems to be ok.

Finally I have started painting the forth Seleucid Basic Imeptus unit. This one is the Agema, led by Antiochus the Great or Demetrius III. I am confident that the DBA pack I got from Baccus will give me a 300pts Impetus army.

That is all for today, please have great week and a great month.
With Respect Konstantinos Travlos

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