Monday, February 8, 2010

Still Alive! Happy New Year (belated)

A Polemos Napoleonic solo game

Hi all

This is just a post to assure everyone that the blog is still alive. I am just having a hard time finding time to post. I promise though to do so.

I had a excellent winter break (yes I still get to have them :)) back in Greece and Cyprus with family and friends, but the new semester is challenging with my second year review, followed by MPSA, followed by mist first Comprehensive exam. I do not think I have a lot of time to war game, and painting has been limited to the Four Impetus project and only once a week. But I promise to keep everybody posted.

Have a great new year

With Respect
Konstantinos Travlos
A great WH40K game with one of my friends in Athens

At the Acropolis Museum
Seeing the stamp of occupation from Greek-Cypriot Lefkosia

Old Lefkosia by Night
Old fort, new fort. One of the Venetian Bastions of the old city still in use close to the Green Line (you can see the bullet holes on the second story, from the dangerous era of the Cypriot dispute 1975-2000s)


andygamer said...

That's a strange museum display. But the wax model is really, really lifelike.

Bluebear Jeff said...

Some great atmospheric photos . . . please post more when you have a chance.

-- Jeff

Anonymous said...

來給你加加油~打打氣!!!更新之餘,也要注意休息哦~~ ..................................................