Sunday, February 28, 2010

Some more pictures from Greece and Cyprus

Photos from Thessaloniki

Galerian's Arch of Triumph
The White Tower

Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Iconography at St. Demetrios Cathedral

St. Demetrios (Medieval Icon)

St. Demetrios Cathedral

A small church

Having fun on a hot day

An old Mosque

Central plaza

Photos from Nafplio, the first capital of Greece

Palimidi Fortress

Palimidi interior

A cistren in Palimidi

Towards the sea

Palimidi interior

The old city of Nafplio

The reconstructed gate

Venetian bastion walls

Ottoman sign

The church door in fron t of which the first Governor of indepedent Greece, Ioannis Kapodistrias was assasinated.

View of Nafplio

Old Mosque

Central Plaza

View of Palimidi
Photos from Kefallonia

Interior of Saint George castle

A tower at Saint George Castele

Venetian gun

More photos from Lefkosia

A house on the Green line across fortified Greek-Cypriot positions

Looking down a Turkish fireposition

A Turkish-Cypriot strongpoint is beyond the oil-drums

Old Lefkosia

Venetian Bastion

Greek-Cypriot strongpoint
Old Church

Greek Cypriot guard post

Lydra gate: The gateway between the Republic of Cyprus and the Occupied zones

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