Sunday, December 6, 2009

Firsst FOW Game

I finally got a chance to try FOW. I had a Soviet Tank company painted since 2008 and never a chance to give it a spin. Today I got to do so at the Dragon's Table in Champaing-Urbana, an awesome store where I play most of my games.

My opponent was using a US Armored Company I think. The game was mostly exploratory to learn the rules. I a) mis-deployed b) used really atrociously my meager infantry and c) underestimated how much Centralised Control punishes the Soviet player. So I lost (nothing new here, move along).

The rules though seemed pretty good, and streamlined. It was nice to see all those painted minaiture tanks blow each other up! Artillery and infantry are musts. If you have all tank you won't lose, but you won't win either. I have a bunch of soviet mortars on the painting shelf for more then a year and a half . Time to pay them, and time to get some more infantry, and another SU 152.

Here are some pics from the game
A panoramic view of the battlefield, a crossroads dominated by a ruined village.
Soviet Armored Transporter Platoon

US Fire teams

Soviet T-34/42US Shermans/75mm
More Amis
The US had supernatural help

Soviet Tank Company at the start of the battleThe comapnies edge closer to each other

Murderous US fireEnd of the battle. Only the tanks around the ruined town were left to the Soviets. The Assult Guns did a good job on my side, while the SHermans proved superior to the T 34s/42, AND equal to the T 34s/85.


BigLee said...

I don't recall Cat's in the army lists?!? Nice report & pics BTW.

A J said...

To quote the immortal Sid James, "Blimey! What a carve-up!" About on par with my execrable attempts at FoW! Commiserations for losing the game, and I hope your FoW experience goes better than mine.

Frankfurter said...

What a gorgeous cat-at-strophe!
What's her name?
(and such eruptions are a VERY frequent experience around here too)

Konstantinos Travlos said...

Jitters is her name, Soviet destruction is her game

Anonymous said...

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