Sunday, November 29, 2009

Four Impetus! III

Here are pics from the progress of the four Impetus project. Remember that the 10mm Swiss Army is done.

1) Seleucids (3 out of 9 units done)

I have a feeling that any Impetus army relying on Hellenistic Light Infantry and Skirmishers will be a quick paint in 6mm :)

2)Late Republican Romans (1 out of 8 units done)

3) Vikings (1 out of 8 units done)I also bought the last part of the Viking force. This was the Strelets Viking box with 48 pictures. Thus 1 Zvezda Vikings and 1 Strelets Viking box are more then enough to build a Basic Impetus Army. The total cost of the army is now 34$ making it the second cheapest army after the 10mm Pendraken Swiss (that cost 15$ but were bought at a sale. Normally they would cost 35$).


- J said...

I'm guessing those Romans are 28mm Wargames Factory? How are you liking the figures?

I'm taking a box of the Romans, a box of the Numidians and a box of the Germans and Celts and making a Spartacus force out of them. I should have photos on my blog soon.

Lovely work. Keep it up!

Konstantinos Travlos said...

They are ok. Hard to put together, as the plastic doesn't take glue well.But they paint well. For the price I paid (9.99$) they are perfect for Basic Impetus