Sunday, November 29, 2009

Baccus Napoleonics

I hate painting horses. In any scale. This is a realization I came too while trudging away with the mass of cavalry that came in the Baccus Polemos Napoleonic Box. I am ok with easy to paint cataphract calvary, but I hate painting horse flesh. Still the sight of those massed 6mm foramtions is awesome.

Here are pictures of the French clavary 4 bases of Draggons , 2 bases of Hussars. They represent actual units but right know I do not remember which.

And now their staunch opponents 6 bases of Prussian Infantry
I decided to base half of them in lines, and the other half in attach columns.

Massed Prussian Infantry preparing to receive Massed French CalvaryMy current project, from now to December 16th is to finish painting half the Prussian horse. that is 4 bases of Dragoons and 2 of Uhlans. Here are some pics in progress of the Uhlans

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A J said...

I feel the same way about painting horses. The sight of an unpainted cavalry regiment in any scale leaves me with a distinct sinking feeling. Still, you've done excellent work on the figures in the pics. Well done for staying the course!