Sunday, November 29, 2009

Baccus Napoleonics

I hate painting horses. In any scale. This is a realization I came too while trudging away with the mass of cavalry that came in the Baccus Polemos Napoleonic Box. I am ok with easy to paint cataphract calvary, but I hate painting horse flesh. Still the sight of those massed 6mm foramtions is awesome.

Here are pictures of the French clavary 4 bases of Draggons , 2 bases of Hussars. They represent actual units but right know I do not remember which.

And now their staunch opponents 6 bases of Prussian Infantry
I decided to base half of them in lines, and the other half in attach columns.

Massed Prussian Infantry preparing to receive Massed French CalvaryMy current project, from now to December 16th is to finish painting half the Prussian horse. that is 4 bases of Dragoons and 2 of Uhlans. Here are some pics in progress of the Uhlans

Four Impetus! III

Here are pics from the progress of the four Impetus project. Remember that the 10mm Swiss Army is done.

1) Seleucids (3 out of 9 units done)

I have a feeling that any Impetus army relying on Hellenistic Light Infantry and Skirmishers will be a quick paint in 6mm :)

2)Late Republican Romans (1 out of 8 units done)

3) Vikings (1 out of 8 units done)I also bought the last part of the Viking force. This was the Strelets Viking box with 48 pictures. Thus 1 Zvezda Vikings and 1 Strelets Viking box are more then enough to build a Basic Impetus Army. The total cost of the army is now 34$ making it the second cheapest army after the 10mm Pendraken Swiss (that cost 15$ but were bought at a sale. Normally they would cost 35$).

Thanksgiving Update

Hello all

I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving. This is an update about any painting or gaming I have done since the last blog update. I am instituting a new policy on updates in order to make them easier for readers. Essentially every update will be made up of main post containing any information, and links to axillary updates on specific topics in the main update. This is an attempt to help people interested on specific stuff to go to them.

First off on the Impetus front I haven't really done a lot of work for reasons to be explained immediately after. I painted two more units for the Seleucid Army, a Phalanx and Cretan Archers, and flocked the painted units for the Viking and Cesarean Army. As you know I finished the 10mm Swiss Confederate Army some time ago (see here

You can see pictures and get more info here

The second part of this post is the why I have gone off the Impetus project. I have thrown myself into paining at least half the Prussian and French Napoleonic 6mm Baccus armies. The French is mine, while the Prussian is a gift. I am glad to say that progress has been satisfactory. Previously I had finished the whole of the French infantry. I now have finished half the cavalry with 4 Dragoon basses and 2 Hussar bases. I also finished 6 Prussian Infantry bases and I am currently working on 4 Draggon bases and two Uhlan bases. This endevour has taught me a basic truth. I do not like to paint horses. This will have an impact on my army painting and army shopping in the future. You can find pictures of the Napoleonics stuff here

Additionally, I got a chance to paly some Battle Fleet Gothic after a long while. This is really a great, fast and fun game wholly unfairly treated by GW. I wil post pictures of my small fleets on a future date.

Fianlly I finished reading J.E. Lendon's "Soldiers and Ghotst". It was a great, fast and easy read with some provocative and interesting arguments. The writer is primarily interested on how the culutral baggage of ancient Greece (in the form of the Illiad and the competitive ethos) and ancient Rome (in the form of the contest between virtus and disciplina) conditioned military innovation. A good read well worth the time you put in it. You can get it here

I hope you all have a good December.