Sunday, October 11, 2009

Four Impetus!

My new huge project for this year is the building of four Basic Impetus Armies. One army for every scale but 15mm (that is a future project). The target is to see which scales are the cheapest and which are the fastest to paint. The reason is that I want to put that info in my translation of Basic Impetus into Greek.

The following armies are going to be made, with the cost up to now:

1) Marian Roman (Brutus and Cassius at Phillipi) 25mm. 4 Legion elements using Wargames Factory (25/28mm) miniatures -> 13$ (bought on sale), Expected full cost around 60-80$

2) Swiss Confederate in the service of the Duke of Lorraine 10mm using Pendraken miniatures . The whole army has been bought for 15$ (bought on sale)

3) Vikings using Zvezda and Strelets 1/72 miniatures . The Zvezda miniatures have been bought for 14$. Expected full cost 30$.

4) Later Seleucids (Antiochus III) using the excellent Baccus 6mm miniatures . The army has been fully bought for 60$

So the price range for a Basic Imaptus army can rnge from 15$ to 60$ top. 11/72 and 10mm are probably the cheapest scales.

I have also began the painting process.

Here are the results for the first elemetns. I tried to paint to a level that is not the ultra detailed I use for single 25/28mm, but still rich enough to make beutifull armies.

1) Marian Roman Legion

Time to paint (excluding putting together) = 6 hours in two day 3 hour shifts

2) Swiss Confederate Pike unit

Time: 2-3 hours in one day

3) Viking Command Unit

Time: 4 hours in two day 2 hour shifts

4) Seleucid Argyraspids

Time: One three hours shift.

All in all the most fun to paint were the 6mm and 1/72. I expect the Swiss (which are a present) to be finished first.


Mike said...

Very interesting comparison! Thanks for sharing.

The 6mm army seems surprisingly expensive, but I see that you've also used a much denser formation.

Any chance of a comparative price per figure breakdown (infantry and cavalry)?

Konstantinos Travlos said...

One of the reasons 6mm is so pricey is because I got the DBA army pack, which contains a lot more elements then needed. I also had to by one more pack of pikemen since the DBA pack did not have enough for four units using my dense formations. If I had gone only for the specific packs needed for the army it would probably had been cheaper by 5-10$.

Also remember that the 6mm and 10mm ones are army packs. And I got the Pendraken for 15$ since it was on sale. Normally it is 35$.

I would still say that the cheapest scales for Impetus are 10mm and 1/72