Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fatefull Desiscion

Well it has come to this. I haven't really updated the Morea story for more then 3 months. Which has led me to realize that I have lost my interest in it. While the concept of imaginations still enchants me, I haven't found the drive to continue my own. This is a pity as the story has been left off at a crucial turning point, and could contact elements of a coming to age story. But I don't have the time and itnerest to say it. The primary culprit is Basic Impetus which has rekindlened my interest in the pre-modern period big time. I have decided to start an ambitious project of starting four BI armies this year (Marian Roman, Seleucid, Viking, Swiss). Alos it has knidled my interest for antiquity and the medieval era whetehr hisotircal or fictional. So I haven't lost my interet in Imaginations per se, but as my wargame iterests are moving towards the past, so a re my ficitonal.

Were does this leave me? I would like it and apprecaite it if someone picked up the Morea story. I would happily give them all the material I have written and gathered for it. I am also going to sell my unpainted WSS and GNW lead. While the 17th and 18th centuries are always of historical interest to me, they are not of wargaming interst. If no one steps up, I will not drop the tale, but it will go into full backburner, which would be a pity. Especially since many other excellent imaginations are tied to Morea it isn't fair for them to wait. So I would ask if anyone in the Imagination Community woud like to take up he story of Morea.