Monday, August 3, 2009

Baccus Napoleonics


Finally done with the French infantry of my Baccus Napoleonic Army. They are part of the starter Polemos Set. It took me a roughly a year to finish them (due to other projects running at the same time). They are fast to paint, but take some attention well. I used as painting references the Osprey Bautzen and Leuthen, and Liepzig book, the Haythornthwaite Uniforms of the Retreat rom Moscow in Colour Book, and the web.

I painted 4 French Line Infatry Regiments(all 1 battalion strong) in 1813 unifroms, 2 French Light Infatry Regiemnts, 2 Italian Line Regiemnts in 1813 uniforms, and 2 Italian Light Infantry Regiments.

Many innacurancies. The Line infatry regiment uniforms have the parade paraphenilia. The Light Infantry regimetns have drummers(my perception was that they did not). Too many eagles for comfort;) And the the flags of the Italian Light Infatry Regiemnts are completely conjectual (if not oversised).

Still this a re gorgeous miniatures and I like the result. Now I only have to paint the calvary, command and artillery, and my frineds Prussians (which should take less time due to less color variation).

Here are the pictures.

A lone Prussian Regiment prepares to enter history
The French Line with Italian Fanteria Leggere in the front.

Another View with French Light Infatry in the forefront.

Another view of the line.
French Light Infatry #1
French Light Infantry #2
French Line Infantry #1French Line Infantry #2

French Line Infantry #3
French Line Infantry #4
Italian Line Infantry #1
Italian Line Infantry #2
Itlaian Light Infantry #1
Vive Le Emperuer! Vive la Re!

Other projects reaching completion are a basic Polish Force for BLB, and Wood Elf Warhawk rider.

After these are done I am focusing full time on Napoleonics, and a gift army for a friend. After that I will finish the BLB Poles and Ottomans, and bulit a 1/72 Viking, and 6mm Seleucid army for Basic Impetus.


Diethnologos said...

Ωραίες φωτογραφίες . Μια ερώτηση μόνο όσον αφορά το φόντο : Έχεις νοικιάσει καμιά αποθήκη ? Τα παράθυρα δεν φαίνονται κατοικίας πάντως .

Konstantinos Travlos said...

Oxi re file. Apla einai kontra plake o toixos pros ta ekso :) SImera tha pao sto magazi na rotiso gia to War of the RIng.