Friday, August 21, 2009

40K Space Marines

Here are some pictures of my Warhammer 40K Space Marines. This is my second 40K Army and a project on which I offered a lot of time and care. I am very proud of it and consider it my best and favorite work which took 3 years to finish.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

ECW: Spanish Shame


I finally got a chance to put some of my painted miniatures into a proper game after a long while. The guys over at the Champing Games Club decided to run a ECW battle (Edgehill-using a home variant of Volley and Bayonet) over at the local game store, The Dragons Table I decided to pitch in my meticulously painted Spanish Tercio, and a Calvary Regiment. Greg, the excellent gentelman running the game, had a TON of painted ECW miniatures so the two armies looked great! I decided to send my small force of Spaniards as mercenaries on the Royalist side. I was given command by the overall commander Dean, of the left flank. Under my command from Left to Right was a Spanish Regiment of Calvary, a Spanish Tercio, a Redcoat and Greencoat regiment of Foote, a Light Gun, Ruperts Calvary and another Clavary Regiment I can't remember, and another Regiment of Foote (Bluecoats), and a Medium Gun. In front of me was a hill seperating me from the Parliment Right wing. Dean faced the Large Parliment Left Wing across a hill as well. A gap existed between the two hills, were my rightmost forces faced some Parliment foote and artillery.

The game started well enough with both armes dashing for the high ground. Bad coammand allotment though,meant that the forces in front of the gap got bogged down and started recieving artillery fire. On my flank the infatry regiments of both sides reached the summit of the hill at the same time and started blasting each other from close range. Then a bad thing happened. I didn't use my Spanish calvary aggressively enough and it got crushed by Cromwell's Ironsides (happiness for all Protestans eh:)) on the extreme flank. As a result Cromwell and his mates started having a free reing in my rear.

Alarmed I had one of my English regiments about face to cover the rear of the forces fighting on the hill, while the middle gap regiment was starting the torturous process of getting close to command. At the same time becoming, in a sterotypically southern european way:), irritated by the draw on the hill itself, I decided to charge my Spaniards on the Parliment line. SPANISH FURY, SAN SANTIAGO!!! And all that...

Well it failed. My Pike elements failed their morale checks, and thus only the shot charged (primarilly because Capitan Alatriste is a musketeer:)). After a bloody, confused fight, I break one Parliment regiment, but get disordered and lose elements from my regiment. Then I get charged by massed parlmientary horse uphill. They crush my spaniards who fall back and rout my English regiment that was covering Cromwell. The other English regiment gets eradicated by a combination of fire and melee. My whole flank gets eradicated as Cromwell happily kills off routing Anglicans and Catholics.

As this sorry story was happening, Dean was fighting a deadlocked battle at the other flank were the two infatry lines exchanged fire and infatry and calvary charges without a clear winner. Unfortunelty losing the whole left flank of our army pretty much lost us the game :). Or more precisly I lost us the game (sheepish grin).

The game was realistic in that the foot battle was a slogging match, and was won by the clavary turning a flank. Command was punishing, as unites without command were pretty much stationary (as the forces I had in the middle gap). I felt that the God of Games punished me for bringing ahistorical units. Ah time.

The General lay of the Battlefield, with some nice terrain, and my flank being top-left hand side.

My Spanish infatnry in the forground with the light gun, followed by Ruperts horse, my Bluecoats and Dean's command.
Royalist Greencoat,Whitecoat and Yellowcoat regiments in Dean's command.
Whitecoats at the ready!
Some Parlimentary foot.
The arbiter of the battlefield-Calvary.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Baccus Napoleonics


Finally done with the French infantry of my Baccus Napoleonic Army. They are part of the starter Polemos Set. It took me a roughly a year to finish them (due to other projects running at the same time). They are fast to paint, but take some attention well. I used as painting references the Osprey Bautzen and Leuthen, and Liepzig book, the Haythornthwaite Uniforms of the Retreat rom Moscow in Colour Book, and the web.

I painted 4 French Line Infatry Regiments(all 1 battalion strong) in 1813 unifroms, 2 French Light Infatry Regiemnts, 2 Italian Line Regiemnts in 1813 uniforms, and 2 Italian Light Infantry Regiments.

Many innacurancies. The Line infatry regiment uniforms have the parade paraphenilia. The Light Infantry regimetns have drummers(my perception was that they did not). Too many eagles for comfort;) And the the flags of the Italian Light Infatry Regiemnts are completely conjectual (if not oversised).

Still this a re gorgeous miniatures and I like the result. Now I only have to paint the calvary, command and artillery, and my frineds Prussians (which should take less time due to less color variation).

Here are the pictures.

A lone Prussian Regiment prepares to enter history
The French Line with Italian Fanteria Leggere in the front.

Another View with French Light Infatry in the forefront.

Another view of the line.
French Light Infatry #1
French Light Infantry #2
French Line Infantry #1French Line Infantry #2

French Line Infantry #3
French Line Infantry #4
Italian Line Infantry #1
Italian Line Infantry #2
Itlaian Light Infantry #1
Vive Le Emperuer! Vive la Re!

Other projects reaching completion are a basic Polish Force for BLB, and Wood Elf Warhawk rider.

After these are done I am focusing full time on Napoleonics, and a gift army for a friend. After that I will finish the BLB Poles and Ottomans, and bulit a 1/72 Viking, and 6mm Seleucid army for Basic Impetus.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Interesting video on the Parthenon

This little gem was brought to my attention by a friend of mine. It is a video created by the famous Greek expatriate director Kostas Gravas (Z) for the Parthenon Museum in Athens. It details the history of the Temple. Of note is the fact that the Archbishopric of Greece has requested that it be censored. You will see why.