Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A miniatures update: War of the League of Aurgsburg, Ottomans and Baccus Napoleonics

I haven't updated this site concerning miniatures for some while. A lot of work at school has resulted in modest painting results.

I did succeed in finishing my second War of LOA regiment. Once more the figures are from the excellent Venexia range and were a true delight to paint. The regiment is supposed to be the Tercio Viejo Mar de Napoles Espagnol, although the flags are speculative. As a painting guide I used this escellent site and the "The Spanish Armies in the War of the League of Augsburg" by Ginacarlo Boeri, Jose Luis Mirecki and Jose Palau from On Military Matters.

The project I had strated at the same time, and is not yet complete was two units of Ottoman Cavalry for my Ottoman Beneath the Lilly Banners army. I am using 1/72 Zvezda sculpts, just as I did for the infantry (look through this blog and you will find pictures of it). The painting is almost done, with flocking the bases being the last aprt. As usuall they are based on GW 50mm bases, and two to a base, rather then three as per the BLB rulebook.

My favorite mini is the aga.Finally I got with a friend from Greece Polemos starting pack with French and Prussian Napoleonic Armies from Baccus. 6mm(really 8mm) was not a scale I had much in interest in the past, since I got into wargaming from miniature painting, and the desicion was made primarily by my friend, and willingness from me to try something new.

I was blown away. The figures are really well sculpted and while they will never match my favorite 54mm and 28mm figures in detail and painting complexity, they paint up well, as the following test minis attest.

Which led me to some thinking and a decision. I will be down scaling in the hobby. There three main reasons for this:

1) Price. 1/72, 15mm and 6mm are a lot cheaper compared to 25/28mm when it comes to creating mass armies (which funnily enough was what I wanted out of war - gaming)

2) Time. It has taken me far too much time to get completed projects. Now part of it is my willingness to get distracted to side projects. But that is part of the hobby's allure for me. Still though projects come along very slowly in 28mm. I still haven't completed by TYW army, and I have been working on it for about 2 and 1/2 years. On the other hand it took me just three months to complete two 15mm LOA regiments, and the Baccus army has been fully purchased for a fraction of the cost of a similar army in 25mm and the time to collect it.

I also need to spend more time on work and studying. A PhD is demanding and while I like my hobby, I can't spend the time I used on it. Smaller sclaes will permit me to get the satisfaction I want with less time into it.

3) Purpose. I strated wargaming from historical miniature painting, which I strated because I wanted an outlet for creative energies, that I couldn't do in painting due to prioroties and cost issues. I love painting minaitures and spending time on them. But wargaming is not neccesarilly for that. If you have the time and money it can be, and the results can be damn spectacular (just look at Der Alte Fritz's site..insane). But if you don't you either sacrifice the painting or the gaming element. Smaller scales do this well enough and funnly can still give me my painting kicks. They also permit me to use my space more efficiently and get the mass effect I look for in wargaming.

Does this mean that I will stop using larger scales? No, not by a long shot. I still want to paint 54mm miniatures (and have one waiting for quality time), and all my current 25/28mm projects will be finished. I also will continue painting specific 28mm miniatures I find interesting. And skirmishing projects will be done in 25/28mm or 1/72. But I will not start a new 25/28 mm mass wargaming project for the forseable future (until I have more money and more time, hopefully not in the too distant future). All new projects from now on will be 6mm or 15mm. The current project lineup I have is below

Current Projects working on:

18mm Venexia War of the League of Aurgsburg Savoyard/ Spanish Brigade
2 Regiments of Infantry Ready, 3 more needed, plus three of calvary and altillery.All but the two ready regiments require purchasing. This will propably go into the freezer until the Napoleonics are done.

25mm Perry/TAG/Dixon TYW Spanish Army
2 Regiments of Foote nearly completed, one of calvary completed. Needed 1 regiment of Harquibisers, 1 of Cruissiers , 2 pieces of artillery, command elemetns. Cruissiers, artillery and command reguire purchasing. I will continue this project with projected end date being August 20th.

1/72 Zvezda Ottoman Turkish Army for BLB
2 Units of Infatry ready, 2 unites of clavary almost ready, needed 4 units of infatnry and 2 other units of clavary, plus altillery. All are purchased. Once I am done with the current batch of calvary I am going to freeze it and work on the Napoleonics.

6mm Baccus French and Prussian Army
Minaitures purcahsed requiring painting. This will be the big summer project.

Space Marines: I jsut need to paint one more squad and I am done for ever with them. Will propably push it forward to be done with it. Will be a drive by. When I am tired by a too heavy project, I will take a break and work on this.

Battle Fleet Gothic: I wanna get a couple of more ships (4 more cruisers, and some lighter elemetns). This is a fast project that will not take more then a motnh of work.

Future Projects:

Swiss 10mm Pendraken army for Band of Brothers. I have the miniatures, but right now they are way back on the project que. Probably next year.

1/72 Zvezda Polish Army for BLB. The Ottoman Opponents. I have the miniatures, and will work on them once the Ottoman's are done. Propably next year.

Baccus Ancients: One of the Baccus ancients armies will be bought and done at some point in the next year.

25mm SYW Morean brigade. A very small morean briaged of three regiments, together with a small gun and some calvary to be used in cooperative games. I have 2 regiments perchaused and will paint them either in the summer, or otherwise next year.

Hopefully with good time management, and purchasing discipline I will be able to finish most of the current projects by the end of this year, opening up the space for new and intersting stuff.

That is all and be well.



abdul666 said...

The Ottomans are specially glamorous: maybe one day they will fight for / against Morea (their dress did not change that much, at least to our '21th C. uneducated European' eyes)?

About Morea, will you mutilate Teofilia's mini(s)? If she is amuted below the elbow, she could receive a prothesis similar to Capitaine Danjou's 'wooden hand' or Götz von Berlichingen's 'iron hand' -covered with 'flesh' / 'old rose' velvet or silk- that would require only 'paint conversion'.
How did you get these result? Did you "dice for damage"?

The illustration of 'Morean musings 3' shows a typical Morean light infantryman / militiaman / irregular / foot armatoli , but I fear he is not available in miniature of suitable scale?

Konstantinos Travlos said...

Thanks for the comments abdul666

I haven't yet bought a Theofilia mini, so no mutilation of innocent minis yet. I think that she lost the whole hand, as the bullet hit her squarely up high. So no easy prosthetics. This is Byzantium's Successor, so I might give her some mechanical contraption (Like the hand Edward Erlic had in the Full Metal Alchemist movie.)

As for the result I chose it, for two reasons:

a) I didn't want her to escape unscathed from the assassination. Far too many assassination attempts in fiction are complete failures and don't even come close. This take's out of the gravity. Someone trying to kill you should leave it's mark, and the people behind the attempt, want Theofilia dead.

b) I am of the "kill your characters off already" school of fiction. Theofilia's role was not up, so she gets to live, but I am irreverent enough to leave her a mark. It will have important consequences on her psyche of course. Let us just say, that Basil will become a very attractive bachelor before this is all over;)

I have Gloire, and want to run games, but as you can see I have way to many projects in the pipeline(granted two are just sideshows.)