Sunday, March 15, 2009

More painting updates: Ottomans and Spanish TYW cavalry

I finished last week, after a month of painting another unit of Janissaries for my BLB/Eastern Fury Ottoman Army. I also finished a unit of Spanish TYW cavalry for my 1644/Victory without Quarter Spanish Imperialist army. Both armies are moving forward at a satisfactory pace, and I hope by the end of this year that they will be both done. My next projects are a unit of Spanish Infantry for BLB, and two units of Ottoman cavalry for BLB. In the back burner are 8 Musketeers, 8 pike-men and 6 caviler cavalry for my TYW army.

Enjoy the pictures

The Ottomans are Zvezda 1/72. Zvezda is rapidly becoming a great miniature company. The Spanish are Old Glory. I must be frank I did not enjoy preparing the Old Glory figures. A lot of cleaning required as well as use of green stuff to hide mis-castings. I do not think I will be using them to finish my TYW army.

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Mr Burnstone said...

Great stuff! Can't wait to see them in battle!