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Further Information on the army of the Principality of Morea

Some more information on the Morean Army

Territorial Regiments

Pezonauton (Marine)
Created: 1675
Nominal Strength: 1200-1500 men
Organization: 3 battalions
Duties: Marine detachment on Naval ships, guard of Monevasia and Bari naval yards.
Uniform: Deep blue French coat with light blue cuffs and turn - backs. Buff pants. Deep blue and light blue cap, with maroon short tassel and maroon anchor.
Base: Monevasia
Recruited from: Cephalonia, Zande, Kerkyra, Kithyra
Brief History: One of the first regiments of the new-model Morean Army the Pezonauton was raised from the Ionian dominions of the Despotate. The regiment is considered an elite one, do to the continuous battle experience its men get as marine detachments on Morean ships. It is also the largest regiment of the Morean army.

Created: 1675
Nominal Strength: 700 men
Organization: 1 battalion
Duties: City guard of Nafplio.
Uniform: Buff coat, with black vest and cuffs. Black pants and tricorne.
Base: Nafplio
Recruited from: Argolida, Nafplio
Brief History: One of the first territorial regiments raised, the Nafplioton was initially raised by the artisan guilds of the city of Nafplio. Nowadays it covers a bigger area. Most of it’s men are greek, and orthodox. The regiment has a history of heavy campaigning during the War of Spanish Succession and War of Polish Succession. It was part of the command of Basil, heir to Despot Michael II, at the battle of Bari in 1709. Ever since then both it’s flag and uniform carry the black of mourning.

Foreign Regiment

Created: 1599
Nominal Strength: 1000 men
Organization: 2 Battalions
Duties: Garrison of Zande, and Apulia.
Uniform: White with Red turn-backs and cuffs.
Base: Zande
Recruited from: French and Italian Catholics
Brief History: One of the oldest regiments of the Morean army, it was initially a French-Italian mercenary pike regiment, hired by Despot Matthew III. His goal was to create a army core that would not be beholden to the local grandees, and will be independent of the old Despotate Army elements. The unit was retained indefinitely recruiting from Catholics in Morea, the Aegean and Ionian Seas and Italy, as far as Marseilles. The immigration policies of Andronicus II, led to the recruitment of the regiment not from mercenaries, but the catholic, non Apulian subjects of the Prince. Carl XII trained the regiment in Swedish shock tactics as he did with all the foreign establishment of the Morean Army.


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