Monday, February 23, 2009

The Squadron Arrives!

From the Gazzete di Taranto

The populace of Taranto has been excited since last night, as the ship of the line Andronicus and the frigate Naumaxos made port last night. His lordship, Giovanni di' Malgiore, Captain of the Apulia regiment, together with representatives of the town's civil leadership ,reveived the two ships officially this morning. The city populace lined the docks and streets to the town barracks as the Latinikon and Nafplioton regiments marched to the barracks. Both regiments have been given three days shore leave, as well as the sailors of the ship. After that the Latinikon regiment will march by land to Bari, while the Nafplioton will reboard the Andronicus which will sail for Bari. Their no news about what the Naumaxos is going to do.

One thing is for sure, every establishment in the city, whether of good or ill repute is excited at the thought. And the provosts of the Latinikon and Nafplioton regiment, not that much.
Uniform of the Nafplioton Regiment

Uniform of the Latinikon Regiment
Flag of the Nafplioton Regiment

Flag of the Latinikon Regiment


Capt Bill said...

Good stuff! Keep it coming...

Fitz-Badger said...

Cool uniforms and flags.

abdul666 said...

Enjoyable on all points: I appreciate my regular dose of Morean medicine!

Bluebear Jeff said...

I'm particularly taken by the uniform and flag of the Nafplioton regiment.

-- Jeff