Monday, February 2, 2009

Morean News

rom the Gazzete di Taranto
Her Orthodox and Serene Excellency Princess Theofilia has dispatched the 20 gun Sloop Maria Louisa with his sebasmiotis Archbishop Makarios
and his lordship La Chevalier De'Corfu
to bring back Dragounarios Spyridon Ducas

to stand trial for treason and embezelment of State funds. We would like to remind our readers that the Dragounarios had been sent to Malta to precure a new frigate for the Morean fleet. But supposedly his ship was waylaid by pirates. For the last year his whereabouts where unkown, until a ragged and sick Jannisary of the Guard Orta, one of the men send to escort Ducas, arrived in Mystra with a tale of high treason!

Ducas seems to had been the member of a criminal group with ties to pirates troughout the mediterreanean. He intended to use the Princess money to set himself up as a pirate lord. Now it seems that he was unluccky and was captured in a sharp action by a xebec of the Dey.

Her OSE the Princess expresses her gratitude to the Dey, and sends as a gift a golden sword.

Other news from the Palace concern invitations and awards offered to her OSE by foreing leaders.

Her OSE graciously accepts the falicitations of her fellow rulers and promises to keep and open mind concerining the Meditereanean. Furthermore she has restated her adherence to the freedom of the seas. As long as all do so, the Princess shall be a friend of peace, and keep the dogs of Ares leashed.

Furthermoe her OSE has accepted an invitation for her grandson Basil, King of Romans, to visit the Preciplaity of MonteChristo in his Grand Tour. It is rumoured that when Senator remarked on the "weird" customs of MonteChristo her OSE retorted that it will be good fora future King of territories as diverse as those of Morea to sample all the world has to offer in cultures and customs. It should be reminded to our readers that her Excellency was know in her youth for her wild ways.
Scene from a court party of her IM Anna of Russia. Theofilia is the lady in the purple dress.

The Royal Prince, will also visit Grand Duke Karl of Hetzenberg, Reich Duke Wilhelm of the Reich Duchy of Beerstein, the Grand Duchess of Grolstein and Prinz Geoffrey Cavaderia. He will also visit Turin, Paris, Madrid, Berlin and Saint Petersburg. Preparations will start by the end of the month.


Capt Bill said...

The Reich Duchy of Beerstein anxciously awaits a state visit. Sovereigns are invested into the Ancient and Honorable Order of the Tankards, Ambassadors are invested into the Order of the Goblet.
Best regards.
F.M. Reich Duke Wilhelm von Beerstein

littlejohn said...

The K├Ânigreich of Beiherzen will extend a most welcome hand to any emissary from the new Nation of Morea... and as any true Bleiherzener knows, a nation that can throw a good party is a nation to be honored!

littlejohn said...

The Duchess of Grolstein is most fascinated in the anticipation of a visit from the young Prince emissary from Morea. She will surely show him the wonders and delights of Grolsteinian hospitality...and it is her true desire to build a lasting friendship with the Principality of Morea...she feels much in common with her neighbors from far away lands.