Thursday, February 12, 2009

Army of the Principlaity of Morea, The Old Regiment

The Old Regiment (Lifeguard)
Company Banner

Created: 1675 Uniform
Nominal Strength: 650 men
Organization: 1 battalion
Duties: Life Guard Unit, Palace guard, garrison of Mystra and its defenses.
Uniform: Old Pattern 1715 French style uniform. Officers and soldiers wear their hair in 1710s fashions. Colors are maroon red coats and stockings, with buff turn backs, vest and pants. Red cockade on hat, with golden-yellow lining.
Base: Mystra
Recruited from: Mystra, Western Lacedaemon, Messenia.
Brief History:
Raised in 1675, the Old Regiment was made up from a number from the convergence of small permanent Greek forces of the old Despotate army, like Voukelarioi, Saitarioi e.t.c. It served as a nucleus for field armies, and also as a cadet school for young officers. One of its companies acts as a cadet company for young would-be officers of the Principalities army. In peace time the unit acts as the police and guard of Mystra and the surrounding defenses. The regiment has showed great distinction during the War of Spanish Succession and Quadruple Alliance wars, and as a result it is permitted to keep the fashions of those wars as an honour. The colonel of the Old Guard Regiment acts also as the General in Command of all Principality units in Morea.

PS: Uniform template is from David at Not By Appointment


Capt Bill said...

Stunning color, don't know how to match it. Best regards...Bill

Bluebear Jeff said...

Oh yes! The maroon and buff look fantastic . . . I really like that look. Very nice.

-- Jeff

abdul666 said...

A pleasant, self-consistent set of details, giving a true 'personalty' to the unit.
The maroon and gold combination is brilliant.
Waiting for more!


Trailape said...

Quite a handsome uniform. Well done.

Prinz Geoffrey said...

nice looking uniform.

abdul666 said...

How are dressed the musicians? Dynastic livery, reversed colors or troop coat with livery lace?

You changed the label of the 'Morea' posts ('Imagination' -> 'Principality of Morea'): may I suggest you change the label of the early posts (it can be done afterwards) so all the relevant posts are identically labelled and thus retrieved together?

Already waiting for the next regiment!

Konstantinos Travlos said...

Thanks, and oh on the label. They will all be Imagination.

Prinz Geoffrey said...


I do not have your email so I am leaving a message here. You can reach me at jeffreycavender at gmail dot com. The Prinz is hatching a plot on EvE to try and rescue Dukas, I have left the story open ended so his plot can be stopped before it starts if you do not wish, I thought Paul (the Dey) could run a miniature naval battle between Cavenderian privateers and your morean fleet, he has a bunch of naval minis, winner gets Dukas or his charred remains, etc., let me know what you think.