Monday, January 19, 2009

Warhammer 40K Battle Report

During my Stay in Greece I played one Warhammer 40K game at the Fantasy Store in Victoria Square in Athens. I played with my full Space Marines against a Tau army. The game was a take and hold map deployment and capture the objectives, in this game a 5 of my WWII miniatures masquerading as Imperial Guardsmen carrying crucial information on Tau formations on the planets. Important enough for a Space Marine company deployed to save them.

My force was a 4th edition SM force made of 6 man Terminator Squad led by a Epistolary, a 5 man Assault Squad led by a Master of Sanctity, 3 7 man squads of Space Marines with plasma guns and lascannons, a 2 Heavy Bolter 2 Missle Launcher Devastator Squad, a Venerabal Dreadanaught, a Rhino and a Razorback. My opponent had essentially a heavily mechanised Tau force with 2 Tanks, 1 Broadside Unit, 3 Fire Warrior Squads with Devilfish transports, 2 Squads o Crisis Suits and a squad of Croot. Both armies were fully painted.

Here are initial deployments

Imperials in Cover

First Tau Reserves arrive
The Main Imperial Assault

A unit of Tau in a forest. They did not take part in the battle, do to being too far away from the main Marine assault.
Tau units arrive to stop the Marine Assault creating a Valley of Death

The First Marine Assault defeated, Heavier Units march into the Valley of Death.

Eradicating the second echelons.
I lost the game, since I did not have the firepower to suppress the deadly Tau long range fire and failed to time my assaults correctly throwing them piecmeal into the battle. Ah well, that is life. I did have fun:)

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