Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy New Year from PhD Leadhead

I wish everybody a happy new year with health, love, happiness, financial robustness and success in career goals for you and yours.

I spent the break in Greece with family and friends, during which I did not have a chance to do much painting. I also did not get a chance to play much, expect from a game of 40k and some games of Battle Fleet Gothic, which of course I lost. I will post photos and a semi battle report for the 40k game.

On the painting front I finished my Artisan Designs Panzer Grenadiers and British Paras for Two Hour Games "NUTS". I also painted a Tiger from Battle Front, and finally a 75mm Pegaso: Alexander the Great bought by a friend of mine as a gift for a mutual friend. Below are some pictures.

It took me four days of 2 hour sessions to finish it. I was pretty satisfied by the result and my friends loved it. A great miniature.

Beyond that I bought a 54mm t F.M.Beneito Minaturas Spanish Tercio Flag Bearer to paint. 54mm was the first scale I got into paiting minaitures, and I still periodicly venture it's way.

As for 2009 my painting plans are as follows.

1st) Finish my TYW 25mm force for 1644/Victory Without Quarter. I have a pike element for one 1644 unit or two VWQ units, and need to paint the shot elements(20 miniatures), two calvary squadrons and buy and paint a second 1644 pike unit, plus two guns. 100$ to do

2nd) I want to finish my 1/72 Ottoman Army for Spanish Fury Actions/ Basic Fury. I have painted one Jannisary unit and need to paint another 3 Jannisary units, 4 Feudal Sipahis, 2 Akincis and a Field Gun. 10$ to finish

3rd) I bought Beneaht the Lilly Banners and plan to bulid two small 15mm matched armies, one for Savoy/Spain and one for the French. The miniatures will be all Venexia. 100$ to do

4th) Finish my Space Marine and High Elves armies for GW Warhammer 40k and Warhammer. This requires me to just paint 15 more marines and a unit of 15 White Lions.45$ to do

5th) Finish a small Imperial Fleet for Battel Fleet Gothic. I have wo cruisers and want to get a couple fo escorts, another two cruisers and a grand cruiser. 65$ to do

6th) Finish my Flames of War Soviets by buying and painting a infantry platoon. 18$ to do

7th) Start a 1/72 Polish Army as an opponent for my Ottomans. I have the miniatures already.

8th) way in the back burner: build a small Napoleonic period navy.

Now I do not expect to complete more than two of the above, but plans are laid to fail or be ammended:). Hopefully I will have covered half the Ottomans and build the Beneath the Lilly Banner and TYW armies. The BFG ships are fast paints so they will proabably be done as well. The rest will go on the back burner or done according to oppurtunity. Also cost will be considered, since I do not wish to spend more than 200$ for minis this year. (roughly 20$ a month).

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