Saturday, January 31, 2009

Imagination: Principality of Morea

I have decided to make the plunge into the Imagination craze among 17th and 18th century war gamers. It rings a chord for the old DM and history lover in me. So here it is, a complete History of the Principality of Morea from 1450 to 1739. It is based on the historical Despotate of Morea ( , but with an alternative history, that while fanciful, hopefully can be believable to a point. This is a very long post.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

WWII Artisan Desings, On the Workbench and Books

I finally finished my WWII Artisan Designs British Paras and German Grenadier Squads for NUTS! These where beautiful miniatures, easy to prepare for painting, with minimal flash, and a joy to paint. I tried to be historical in my paint scheme but not dogmatic. These miniatures were painted over a 1 year period.
I also did as a mini project over the break a Tiger I from Battlefront (FOW). Unfortunately the tank was mistreated during transportation and I dare show photos of only one side.

On the Workbench I am working on finishing the shootte elements for my TYW Spanish/Imperialist Tercio as well as two squadrons of hargebuisers/cruissiers. Miniatures are Perry's and Foundry. As always the Perrys required little preparation and are taking paint well. The Foundry Calvary required a lot more preparation, but now are doing well. I believe that in a month I will be done with them. After them full speed ahead with Ottomans and Savoyards for the LOA.
Speaking for Ottomans here are two cavalry test minis. One is a conversion for Silhidar and the other a Sipahi. Both are form the excellent Zvezda line.

Over the break I got as presents and read a nice collection of books and comics. I got as a present Dumas "The Last Cavalier" and expect to read it after I am done with my Keay History of India. I also got two Corto Maltese graphic novels as presents which I devoured happily. I also read the latest translated book of the Alatriste series, "The Kings Gold". Once more Reverte provided me with a thrilling tale of swashbucklers and a vivid image of 17th Century Seville. I thoroughly enjoyed it and the Greek translation as always was done very well. A must read for all swashbucklers/ 17th century fans. From a more scientific point of view I read Prof. Vasquez and the late Prof. Senese's book " The Steps to War". It was a very good read and very robust scientifically and some of the findings challenge conventional wisdom about the causes of war and the consequences of a coercive foreign policy. Whether you agree or not with the writers belief that war is a social institution that can be overcomed, this is some top notch scholarship and highly recommended to all students of war and peace. Finally I had the opportunity to read Fareed Zakaria's "The Post-American World". I really liked it and I like Zakaria's optimistic but grounded in reality and rational thinking view. I highly recommended to everyone, whether unafraid or afraid of the brave new era humanity is entering.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Warhammer Fantasy High Elves

Warhammer Fantasy was the first miniatures game to catch my eyes, years ago in the pages of the old USER PC magazine in the 1990s. Unfortunately all of my friends prefer bolters to swords, so I had to build first a WH40K army. But I couldn't resist and the new High Elf book won me over. What I really like about Warhammer is the background and the look of the armies arrayed for battle. Also Warhammer Army books have twice the background info than Warhammer 40k books.

This High Elf army has been in construction since 2006 and still not completed. But it is getting there. For the time being I have 1300 pts.

War Flag

Squadron of High Elf Silver Helms

White Lions
Squadron of High Elf Silver Helms
High Elf Regiments of Foote

Warhammer 40K Battle Report

During my Stay in Greece I played one Warhammer 40K game at the Fantasy Store in Victoria Square in Athens. I played with my full Space Marines against a Tau army. The game was a take and hold map deployment and capture the objectives, in this game a 5 of my WWII miniatures masquerading as Imperial Guardsmen carrying crucial information on Tau formations on the planets. Important enough for a Space Marine company deployed to save them.

My force was a 4th edition SM force made of 6 man Terminator Squad led by a Epistolary, a 5 man Assault Squad led by a Master of Sanctity, 3 7 man squads of Space Marines with plasma guns and lascannons, a 2 Heavy Bolter 2 Missle Launcher Devastator Squad, a Venerabal Dreadanaught, a Rhino and a Razorback. My opponent had essentially a heavily mechanised Tau force with 2 Tanks, 1 Broadside Unit, 3 Fire Warrior Squads with Devilfish transports, 2 Squads o Crisis Suits and a squad of Croot. Both armies were fully painted.

Here are initial deployments

Imperials in Cover

First Tau Reserves arrive
The Main Imperial Assault

A unit of Tau in a forest. They did not take part in the battle, do to being too far away from the main Marine assault.
Tau units arrive to stop the Marine Assault creating a Valley of Death

The First Marine Assault defeated, Heavier Units march into the Valley of Death.

Eradicating the second echelons.
I lost the game, since I did not have the firepower to suppress the deadly Tau long range fire and failed to time my assaults correctly throwing them piecmeal into the battle. Ah well, that is life. I did have fun:)

Happy New Year from PhD Leadhead

I wish everybody a happy new year with health, love, happiness, financial robustness and success in career goals for you and yours.

I spent the break in Greece with family and friends, during which I did not have a chance to do much painting. I also did not get a chance to play much, expect from a game of 40k and some games of Battle Fleet Gothic, which of course I lost. I will post photos and a semi battle report for the 40k game.

On the painting front I finished my Artisan Designs Panzer Grenadiers and British Paras for Two Hour Games "NUTS". I also painted a Tiger from Battle Front, and finally a 75mm Pegaso: Alexander the Great bought by a friend of mine as a gift for a mutual friend. Below are some pictures.

It took me four days of 2 hour sessions to finish it. I was pretty satisfied by the result and my friends loved it. A great miniature.

Beyond that I bought a 54mm t F.M.Beneito Minaturas Spanish Tercio Flag Bearer to paint. 54mm was the first scale I got into paiting minaitures, and I still periodicly venture it's way.

As for 2009 my painting plans are as follows.

1st) Finish my TYW 25mm force for 1644/Victory Without Quarter. I have a pike element for one 1644 unit or two VWQ units, and need to paint the shot elements(20 miniatures), two calvary squadrons and buy and paint a second 1644 pike unit, plus two guns. 100$ to do

2nd) I want to finish my 1/72 Ottoman Army for Spanish Fury Actions/ Basic Fury. I have painted one Jannisary unit and need to paint another 3 Jannisary units, 4 Feudal Sipahis, 2 Akincis and a Field Gun. 10$ to finish

3rd) I bought Beneaht the Lilly Banners and plan to bulid two small 15mm matched armies, one for Savoy/Spain and one for the French. The miniatures will be all Venexia. 100$ to do

4th) Finish my Space Marine and High Elves armies for GW Warhammer 40k and Warhammer. This requires me to just paint 15 more marines and a unit of 15 White Lions.45$ to do

5th) Finish a small Imperial Fleet for Battel Fleet Gothic. I have wo cruisers and want to get a couple fo escorts, another two cruisers and a grand cruiser. 65$ to do

6th) Finish my Flames of War Soviets by buying and painting a infantry platoon. 18$ to do

7th) Start a 1/72 Polish Army as an opponent for my Ottomans. I have the miniatures already.

8th) way in the back burner: build a small Napoleonic period navy.

Now I do not expect to complete more than two of the above, but plans are laid to fail or be ammended:). Hopefully I will have covered half the Ottomans and build the Beneath the Lilly Banner and TYW armies. The BFG ships are fast paints so they will proabably be done as well. The rest will go on the back burner or done according to oppurtunity. Also cost will be considered, since I do not wish to spend more than 200$ for minis this year. (roughly 20$ a month).