Saturday, December 6, 2008

TYW 25mm

I have always been a fan of the TYW and Baroque periods, but unfortunately, both a rather hard to find opponents in, especially in Greece. After coming to the US for studies I decided to build a small TYW army to be used either with the 1644, Victory without Quarter, or Perfect Captain "Very Civile Actions" rules, just in case I ever found someone willing to play. To date I have only painted the pike element for a Generic Hapsbburg Regiment of the TYW. I still have the Shotte elements waiting to be primed, and calvary to be cleaned. It will take a long time for me to get finished as it has been placed in the back burner. Still these are among my favorite miniatures, and it took me close to a year to paint them.

The miniatures are Perry Bros 25mm and Foundry 25mm. I love the Perry minaitures. They are crisp castings, with little flash and very enjoyable to paint. The Foundry are good as well, but not as good. I got them all from the TheWarStore, a great place to buy miniatures from.

The flags are conjectural, inspired from historical examples. They are hand painted to scale( I love hand-painting flags).

The Uniforms are again conjectual. Initially I wanted to build a ECW Royalist Regiment, but decided to make things a little more mixed, in order to be able to use this regiment for diffrent armies.


Giles said...

Lovely figures you have there; there's something very striking about a decent pike block and these figures are the business. I look forward to following your blog - best of luck with it!

Best wishes


Konstantinos Travlos said...

Yes, a pike block is really impressive. Thank you for the comments.

littlejohn said...

Very nice TYW figs ! I just discovered your blog over at Emperor and Elector...I do ECW in 40mm as well as 25mm 18th century Imaginations...Hope to read more!