Saturday, December 6, 2008

Flames of War Soviets

I decided to start Flames of War after a quick passage through TwoHour Wargames NUTS! rules. Having grown up watching war and anti-war movies also was a prod, especially the excellent and recent Band of Brothers series. After some deliberations between 25 mm and 15 mm scales, my inner threadhead won out. 15mm permits more tanks and more tactical options. I am still using 25mm for skirimish games, but when the ground shakes it is in 15mm.

The unit is a Soviet Tank Company from the Festung Europa sourcebook. It is made up of a T34/85 command tank, a platoon of T34/85 tanks, a platoon of T34 obr 1942 tanks, a armored SMG Transporter Platoon, and two SU 152. Waiting to be done are the halftracks and a heavy mortar company with trucks.

Above is the command tank with the T34/85 tanks on it's left and the T34 obr1942 on it's right.

The two SU-152 on some custom made terrain. The armor hopefully is more well painted then the terrain.

Brave(if hungry) Soviet soldiers!

Close up of the Command Tank. Hurrahhh!!
I wanted to get two 15mm T-35s. I like the useless beasts. But I could only find them in 1/144. Ah well, that is life. You can't get everything you want.

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