Saturday, December 6, 2008


I got some Confrontation miniatures the year before I came to the U.S. I really love Rackham miniatures. They are very original. A flaw that they do have though, is there extreme frailness. Definitely not for the novice. But once painted well, they are a joy to behold.

Eschelius the Ardent. A very interesting and brooding miniature. I love the weapon selection and the fighting-monk look. This miniature can be used in many ways, as an inquisitor, a assasin, a duelist.
The Exorcist. Another very cool, if slightly unsettling miniature. It can be used both as a cult leader, or a religious fanatic, or elite conjurer. Very evil looking, for a church man!!

Mira the Reckless. A great female miniature, which unfortunately is not my best paint job.

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