Monday, December 15, 2008

More Confrontation Pictures

Here a some pictures of the rest of my small confrontation force. Three Templars and a Magistrate. Again very beautiful miniatures that are a joy to paint.

The Magistrate

The Templars

Ottoman Jannisaries

This is the start of my Ottoman Renaissance Army for Winged Fury. The figures are 1/72 Zvezda. Zvezda is one of the many good things to come out of the Fall of the Berlin Wall. They really do things with plastic that are very, very impressive. Truly a joy to paint. But the army will take a long time to get ready!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Saganami Island Tactical Simulator-More Pictures

Here are some more pictures of my SITS miniatures. I promise to upload some better pics.

A Reliant BC

A Sultan BC
A Silesia BC

A Mendelssohn BC

Saturday, December 6, 2008


I got some Confrontation miniatures the year before I came to the U.S. I really love Rackham miniatures. They are very original. A flaw that they do have though, is there extreme frailness. Definitely not for the novice. But once painted well, they are a joy to behold.

Eschelius the Ardent. A very interesting and brooding miniature. I love the weapon selection and the fighting-monk look. This miniature can be used in many ways, as an inquisitor, a assasin, a duelist.
The Exorcist. Another very cool, if slightly unsettling miniature. It can be used both as a cult leader, or a religious fanatic, or elite conjurer. Very evil looking, for a church man!!

Mira the Reckless. A great female miniature, which unfortunately is not my best paint job.

Saganami Islands Tactical Simulator

From the past and the hellish land warfare to the dark, silent cold depths of space in the far future, humanity refuses to learn the lessons of the past, and repeats an endless tragic waltz.

Saganami Island Tactical Simulator by Ad Astra Games

These miniatures represent battle-cruisers in David Weber's, interesting if flawed, science fiction worlds. From left to right, Silesia Class Battle Cruisers in LOGH Free Planets Alliance colors, Mendelssohn Class Battle Cruiser in LOGH Swartz Lancers colors, Sultan Class Battle Cruiser in a nice grey color, and Relaint Class Battle Cruiser in canon white.

Halbredier by Athens Minaitrues 54mm

This beautiful miniature is the creation of the company Athens Miniatures, the premier Greek 54mm miniatures company. Their products are in resin, well proportioned and a true joy to paint. They are also well priced at 21Euros.

TYW 25mm

I have always been a fan of the TYW and Baroque periods, but unfortunately, both a rather hard to find opponents in, especially in Greece. After coming to the US for studies I decided to build a small TYW army to be used either with the 1644, Victory without Quarter, or Perfect Captain "Very Civile Actions" rules, just in case I ever found someone willing to play. To date I have only painted the pike element for a Generic Hapsbburg Regiment of the TYW. I still have the Shotte elements waiting to be primed, and calvary to be cleaned. It will take a long time for me to get finished as it has been placed in the back burner. Still these are among my favorite miniatures, and it took me close to a year to paint them.

The miniatures are Perry Bros 25mm and Foundry 25mm. I love the Perry minaitures. They are crisp castings, with little flash and very enjoyable to paint. The Foundry are good as well, but not as good. I got them all from the TheWarStore, a great place to buy miniatures from.

The flags are conjectural, inspired from historical examples. They are hand painted to scale( I love hand-painting flags).

The Uniforms are again conjectual. Initially I wanted to build a ECW Royalist Regiment, but decided to make things a little more mixed, in order to be able to use this regiment for diffrent armies.

Flames of War Soviets

I decided to start Flames of War after a quick passage through TwoHour Wargames NUTS! rules. Having grown up watching war and anti-war movies also was a prod, especially the excellent and recent Band of Brothers series. After some deliberations between 25 mm and 15 mm scales, my inner threadhead won out. 15mm permits more tanks and more tactical options. I am still using 25mm for skirimish games, but when the ground shakes it is in 15mm.

The unit is a Soviet Tank Company from the Festung Europa sourcebook. It is made up of a T34/85 command tank, a platoon of T34/85 tanks, a platoon of T34 obr 1942 tanks, a armored SMG Transporter Platoon, and two SU 152. Waiting to be done are the halftracks and a heavy mortar company with trucks.

Above is the command tank with the T34/85 tanks on it's left and the T34 obr1942 on it's right.

The two SU-152 on some custom made terrain. The armor hopefully is more well painted then the terrain.

Brave(if hungry) Soviet soldiers!

Close up of the Command Tank. Hurrahhh!!
I wanted to get two 15mm T-35s. I like the useless beasts. But I could only find them in 1/144. Ah well, that is life. You can't get everything you want.

My full painted collection

Here is my full collection of painted miniatures sans Battle Fleet Gothic and Saganami Island Tactical Simulator

From left to right: 15mm Battlefront, Battle Honors and Old Glory Soviet Tank Company for Flames of War

Rackham 28mm Griffin warband

Games Workshop 28mm Kislevtie Gryphon Legion

Perry Brothers and Foundry 25mm TYW Pike Block

Zvezda 1/72 Janissaries

Artisan 25mm British Paras and German Grenadiers

Games Workshop 1200 pts of Space Marines for WH40K

Games Workshop 1150 pts of High Elves for Warhammer.

First Post-Mission Statment


My name is Konstantinos Travlos and I am a PhD student in the Department of Political Science in the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. This place in the info-sphere is staked out as an area where I can share photos, thoughts and documents on my two favorite passions: Political Science and Miniature Wargaming. I cannot promise frequnet updates, but I do promise that every post will be worth your time. So please permit me to invite you in.