Sunday, April 18, 2021

Coronavirus Gaming: Third Balkan War using Al Nofi's Great War December 1914 Final Turn

 The play by email game of a What If Scenario of a Third Balkan War using Al Nofi's The Great War, is now done with the December 1914 turn. 

Victory goes to the Serbia-Russia-Greece alliance of Hakan, Mehmet and Nacho, who attained more objectives than the Ottoman-Austrian-Bulgarian alliance of Onur, Morten's and Christos. 

Map at the end of the game (One Serbian unit should be in Bosnia)

The Last Issue of the Balkan Times (missing the Serbian occupation of Bosnia)

A video version of the power point I used to keep tab of all the action, before moving it on the tabletop

You can access the totality of the documents generated by this game, in case you want to try something similar at this LINK

Monday, April 12, 2021

Updated Greek Lists for IABSM and Chain of Command

 I have drafted an updated list for a Greek Infantry Company 1940-1941 for I Ain't Been Shot Mum! and of a Greek Infantry Platoon 1940-1941 for Chain of Command, both by Too Fat Lardies. The existing lists, are either for older versions of those rules, or do not reflect the actual doctrine and organization of the Greek infantry in the era. This is an attempt to rectify those gaps. Please try them and suggest changes.

You can reach the lists either in the Scenarios and Army Lists Page on the blog, or directly here 


Inspired by the Tactical Painter's Platoon Boards I made a rather ugly one for a Greek Infantry Platoon 1940. Here we have a heavily reinforced Platoon, supported by two MMG teams loaned from Battalion HQ, a 65mm Pack Artillery Team, loaned from Regimental HQ, and an additional combat squad on loan from Company HQ.

Monday, March 8, 2021

Cornavirus Gaming: Play By Email Thrid Balkan War Using Al Nofi's The Great War August 1914 Turn

 We have started a play by email custom expanded Third Balkan War scenario using as a basis Al Nofi's The Great War game. Here is the news based on the events of the first turn, August 1914. Russia, Greece and Serbia vs. Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria. Click for larger image.

Friday, March 5, 2021

A new historical effort : Air War Greece

 There is a new historical research  effort by a group of  researchers on the Greek Air-Force in World War Two. Check it out at AirWarGreece