Thursday, July 4, 2019

A friends blog and BBBB

My friend Onur has started a blog to keep up with games. The very first coverage is for the 2nd game in the Liberation and Destruction Big Bloody Balkan Battles mini-campaign. We fought the first battle quite a while ago (covered by me here). The Battle of Kirk-Killise had ended as a Ottoman Victory (ahistorical result)

Onur and Morten fought the next battle up, the Battle of Luleburgas-Pinahisar. I was not present. This battle also ended up an ahistorical Ottoman victory. One last scenario is left in this mini-campaign, Chataldja.

Turkish Genera Staff books on the Turkish War of Independence/Greek-Turkish Wa

In a massive service to historians and amateurs the Turkish general staff has upload for free in pdf form all of the books in its series about the Turkish War of Independence (Greek-Turkish War, Armenian-Turkish War, Franco-Turkish War)

I had uploaded my own scans of part of it. But this is professionally done and covers many books I missed

You can reach it here

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Salvation and Catastrophe: The Greek Turkish War, June 1919

New episode for Salvation and Catastrophe: The Greek-Turkish War 1919-1923. Covering the June 1919 events.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Project Complete: Austrian Army for 1866

I have finally completed my long-standing project. Making a 10mm Austrian Army for 1866. This is organised for re-fighting the Bloody Big Battles Koniggratz/Sadowa scenario.The figures are all Pendraken. I always wanted a Hapsburg army for 1866 (I love great-coats) so this has happily satisfied a long-held war-gaming want of mine. It also brings to a close for the time being any 19th century projects as I have more or less satisfied all of my wants on that front.

(Click for Larger pictures)

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Solving a perennial puzzle! Greek Units names 1919-1923

Due to the political change in November 1920, a number of Greek units that were part of the Venizelist National Defense Corps (Soma Stratou Ethnikis Amynas) during 1916-1918, were renamed by the new anti-Venizelist goverment. I have yet to see a comprehensive guide in English to that renaming, which makes researching the military operations of the war tough. Thanks to help from the team at Velisarius I was able to compile such a list. Here goes (you can also get it as a pdf by clicking on this link.

 A guide to the name changes of Greek units during the Greek-Turkish War 1919-1923
By Konstantinos Travlos

Based on the Greek General Staff, History Directorate, Multivolume History of the War.

Smyrna Corps to C (Gamma) Corps
Kydoniae(Ayvalik)+Crete Division to V Division
Archipelagos Division to VII Division
Smyrna (Izmir) Division to X Division
Magnesia (Manisa) Division to XI Division
7th Cretan to 43rd
8th Cretan to 44th 
9th Cretan to 45th 
Kydoniae (Ayvalik) to 33rd
4th Archipelagos to 22nd
5th Archipelagos to 23rd
6t Archipelagos to 37th 

The British Factor in 1919: Salvation and Catastrophe, The Greek-Turkish...

New Special Episode! The British Factor in 1919. How British politics affected the decision that led to the onset of the Greek-Turkish War of 1919-1923

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Salvation and Catastrophe: The Greek-Turkish War, May 1919

The episode of Salvation and Catastrophe: The Greek-Turkish War 1919-1923 covering the monumental events of May 1919 is now out.