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On this page you can find links to scenarios and army lists created by me for various systems

Historical Scenarios

Kilkis-Lahana 1913
With the onset of the 2nd Balkan War, and at about the same time as the battle of Bregalnitza, the Greek Army of Macedonia under King Constantine went on the offensive against the Kilkis-Lahana line. The Bulgarians, repeating the Ottoman mistakes of the 1st Balkan War, only left the weak and dispersed 2nd Army to hold the line. After a bloody two day battle the Greeks stormed the Bulgarian positions. The Battle of Dioran followed this battle. The Greek victories opened the way for the campaign towards old Bulgaria.

Bregalnitza 1913
The first battle of the 2nd Balkan War. The Bulgarian 4th and 5th armies attack along an 80 mile front with the goal of securing Stip and dividing the Serbian 1st and 3rd Army. The attack gained the operational surprise (though the Serb high command expected it at the strategic level). However, the Serbians were able to beat it and then counter-attack. This in turn was checked by the Bulgarians. Both armies suffered heavy losses, and both sides had a great difficulty motivating their troops. The scenario covers the actions of the 4th Bulgarian Army. The battle was contemporaneous to the Battles of Kilkis-Lahana and Dioran.
The first in mine and Chris Pringle's scenarios for the 2nd Balkan War. Indeed from what I am aware off, the first ever miniature wargaming scenario for a 2nd Balkan War battle. After the victory at Kilkis-Lahana, the Greek Army of Macedonia advances towards the Bulgarian border. The high ground around Djoran-Diorani Lake is an important impidiment to that advance. Held by two brigades of the 2nd Division, they are attacked by the III and  X division fo the Greek army. After a sharp and bloody battle the Greeks overrun the Bulgarian positions. This is smaller scenario than the standard in Bloody Big Battles, so it should be playable in an evening.

Chataldja 1912
The final scenario for the 1st Balkan War. The victorious Bulgarians at Lule-Burgas are tardy in their  pursuit of the Ottoman Armies. Those fall back to the fortified Chataldja line. Nizam Pasha, the Ottoman War minister re-organised his forces and by the time the Bulgarians arrived before the lines the Ottomans were ready. Despite fatigue, the reservations of the army commanders, and the lack of any strategic or operational relevance of the operation, Czar Ferdinand of Bulgaria orders a frontal assault in the hopes of storming Istanbul(Constantinopole, Tsarigrad) and presenting the world with a fait-accopmli. 
The decisive battle for Ottoman Thrace. The victorious Bulgarians pursue the defeated Ottoman army that makes a stand on the ground between Bunahishar(Pinahirshar) and Lule-Burgas. In the largest battle fought in Europe between 1871 and 1914 (in number of active participants), the Bulgarians broke the Ottoman line pursuing the retreating Ottomans to the fortified lines of Chataldza, the last good ground for defending Istanbul(Constantinople). With help from Chris Pringle.

Monastir(Bitola) 1912
The final great battle for the Ottoman Balkans. The battered Vardar Army entrenches on the heights just north of Monastir(Bitola) hoping to defeat in detail the arriving 1st Serbian Army. It is defeated and  530 years of Ottoman rule come to an end. Together with Kumanovo and Prilep this scenario forms a mini-campaign. With help from Chris Pringle.

Prilep (Pirlepe) 1912
A fighting retreat of the V Corps of the Vardar army after the defeat at Kumanovo around the town of Prilep against the 1st Serbian Army. With help by Chris Pringle.

Kumanovo 1912
The first major Serb-Ottoman battle in the Western Front of the 1st Balkan War.  For Bloody Big Battles. The Ottoman Vardar Armies attempts to defeat in detail the 1st Serbian Army. With help from Chris Pringle.

Battle of Bizani-3rd Yanya 1913
The third and final major Greek-Ottoman Battle in the Balkan Wars. For Bloody Big Battles. Together with Sarantaporo and Yiannitsa these three battles form a mini-campaign With help from Chris Pringle.

Battle of Yiannitsa (Yenice) 1912
The second major Greek-Ottoman Battle in the Balkan Wars. For Bloody Big Battles. With help from Chris Pringle.

Battle of Sarantaporo (Kirkgechit-Lazarat) 1912
The first major Greek-Ottoman Battle in the Balkan Wars. For Bloody Big Battles. With help from Chris Pringle.

Paraguayan assault against Brazilian, Argentinian and Uruguayan forces during the War of the Triple Alliance. For Bloody Big Battles.With help from Chris Pringle.

Ottoman assault against Greek defenders, War of 1897. For Bloody Big Battles.With help from Chris Pringle.

Battle of Leipzig 1813 (also condensed version)
A monster battle abstracted to the highest level (corps) so as to permit a one day game using Bloody Big Battles. This is a Draft scenario, but modified after some playtestting.With help from Chris Pringle.

Protestnat German attack against Catholic Spanish Defenders, Thirty Years War. For "The Warre Game 1632"

A-historical Scenarios

Armies of the 19th Century Booklets for Black Powder. 

Booklet Black Powder 1: Black Powder Army lists for the Russo-Ottoman War of 1877-1878 v.2


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