Sunday, February 7, 2016

Once more to the grinder: 2nd Pleven using Bloody Big Battles

Osman Pasha, Ottoman Commander

Onur and Emir, another friend of ours, came over yesterday for a Bloody Big Battle Scenario of the battle of 2nd Pleven.  This time it was decided that I will take the role of Osman Pasha and command the Ottomans, while Onur and Emir would command the Russians.
Lt. General Baron Krudener, IX Corps Commander

Unlike out last game, this time we had full complements for both sides (though we did conscript ACW Union gunners to reach the 13 batteries needed. The ottomans were serviced by a mix of mine and Onur’s collections. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Apocalypse in Thessaloniki

Hera are some pictures from my friend Nigel Lonetree. They are from a game of Apocalypse they played in Thessaloniki. There is an active WH40K scene up there.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

PC Game Review: Commander the Great War

I do not usually do pc game reviews, but taking a cue from Gunfreak’s excellent blog and Anatoli's blog, I am going to showcase a bit “Commander the Great War”.  

 When dealing with historical wargames I tend to prefer operational and grand strategy games. I have been looking for good theater/gran strategy game for a long time. I initially tried AGEODS “American Civil War” but the battalion level gameplay quickly turned me off. It just was too detailed for what I wanted. I am big World War I buff (though I do not game it at the miniature table), and I have been looking for a straightforward no frills theater/grand strategic game. Commander the Great War was that game.

Kiss me Hardy Once More!

Yesterday Mehmet (the developer of the Trial by Fire WW1 rules) came over to stay at my place as he was visiting Istanbul for work. We decided to run a small Kiss me Hardy Scenario, so he could check out naval gaming.

It was the usual setting. A small French squadron trying to break a British blockade, with a squadron of far squadron ships trying to stop them. The French needed to survive 7 rounds of combat to win, while the British needed to sink, capture, or cripple at least one French ship.

The British order was the following. Mehmet Commanded them
HMS Ajax, Elite crewed 74 gun 3rd Rate, Foul Bottomed
HMS Naiad, Elite Crewed 38 gun frigate, Foul Bottomed

The French Order was the following. I commanded them
MNS Indomptable, Average Crewed 80 gun 3rd Rate
MNS Cornelie, Elite Crewed 40 gun frigate.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Museum: Hisart Living History and Diorama Museum

This Sunday me and my friends Onur and Emir visited a small private museum in Istanbul. This is the Hisart Museum. It is essentially the private collection of militaria, models and figurines of one of the major industrialists in Turkey who is also an avid hobbyist.

The museum is small but jam packed with stuff. This is the museum from which I have taken the most pictures. Lots of uniforms, militaria, and dioramas. A real treat. Organisation is better than the Army Museum in Istanbul,though labeling could do some work. Some of the exhibits are of questionable accuracy, but in general this is the work of an enthusiast and it shows. The Museum covers Ottoman History from the Seljuk period to the modern era, and also covers WW2. Its one of the few Museum's in Istanbul that cover the Balkan Wars. Because of the massive amount of pictures I will let them speak for themselves.

Friday, January 22, 2016

19TH Century Stuff

Here are some pictures from 19th century related activities.

First pictures of works in progress

1877/1897 10mm Ottomans by Pendraken. Half-way done to my goal.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

First 2016 Game: Battle of Lemnos 1913

Me an Doruk got together for a game of Perfidious Albion, loosely based on the Battle of Lemnos, during the Firs Balkan War.

I commanded the Greeks made up of
the AC Averoff
and the three sister ironclad battleships Spetsai-Psara-Hydra

All my models are from War Times Journal

Doruk commanded the Ottomans made up of the sister pre-dreadnought Battleships Torgud Reis and Hyderrin Barbarossa, the ironclad battleship Mesudieh, and the light Cruiser Medjidieh.

All his models were Panzwersiff.

Initial dispositions. Greeks towards you, Ottomans away