Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Kazim Karabekir House Museum

I had the chance to visit the museum-house of General Kazim Karabekir. This was an Ottoman and Turkish Republican officer, who came to prominence during the First World War. He was one of the most successful Ottoman officers in the Caucasus Front, and was the commander of Turkish Nationalist forces during the war between the Turkish National Assembly and the Social-Democratic Republic of Armenia (1919-1920). He was one of the big political players during the period called in Turkey as the Turkish War of Independence (which covers the Greek-Turkish War of 1919-1923, Franco-Turkish War of 1919-1921, and Armenian-Turkish War of 1919-1920). If Mustafa Kemal (Ataturk) had been defeated or overthrown, either Karabekir or Enver Pasha would had dominated the nationalist movement. Instead Mustafa Kemal won, and Karabekir was sidelined, venting his energy in the writing of a couple of important books.

Update on Projects Spring 2018

Things are going slow, project wise.

I am still trying to get some paint in. The 1866 10mm project for Konningratz has stalled under the weight of its massiveness. It is moving (the Saxons and one Austrian Corps done) but slow. I am also stalled with my 18th century imaginations work. The only painting I got in was two more lances of mechs for the Battletech set I am painting for a friend.

Some bad photos.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Active Learning at my Course

This semester I again had the chance to teach my course on military strategy. This year I extended the course to also cover non-violent strategies of political contention for a more holistic approach to options for obtaining goals in contentious politics.

I also heavily increased the role of active learning components from 2 in the course, to 4.
Three of these components were centered around the students playing historical wargames, in board-game or miniature game form, or computer games and writing response papers on what they learned from the games, as well as applying concepts learned from lecture.

What I think I am doing :p

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Pritzker Military Library and ,Museum: WWI

I am in Chicago for Midwest Political Science Association Meeting. Romping around I found the Pritzker Military Library and Museum which had a WW1 exhibit. Here are some photos.

Hisart Museum Visit number two

I had the chance to re-visit the Hisart museum and took some pictures of new stuff I had not seen in my previous visit.

Quite a lot of news things, especially about WW2. Also in an effort to curry the favor of the goverment, the museum has made a special exhibition on Sultan Abdul Hamid II.

What I have been working on

Not a lot of completed projects right now.

I am working on 10mm 1866 Austrians for the Bloody Big Battles Koniggratz scenario.

I am also painting, slowly, my 1/72 early 18th century imagination forces. Here is what I have done to this point

Saturday, March 24, 2018

A selected recent English language bibliography on the Greek Revolution of 1821.

A selected recent enligsh language bibliogrpahy on the Greek Revolution of 1821. In order of more recent date of publication.