Saturday, April 4, 2015

Gaine's Mill Project Progress Report

Well I had a full month of work, so my hobby work has taken a bit of a back seat. But I have panted the first 8 Union representative regiments for the Altar of Freedom Order of Battle for Gaine's Mill.

Obviously these figures, based on 20mm squares/ 4 figures to a base/ three bases to a unit for Alatar of Freedom, can easily be adapted for Black Powder or Big Bloody Battles. A bit harder for Neil Thomas 19th Century Rules, as I need one more base per unit. 

All miniatures are Pendraken 10mm, for their new ACW range. All flags are hand drawn by me.

The force en masse

The boys in blue!

Method for affixing labels

Representing French's Brigade in Ricahrdson's Division, the 52nd New York Vol. Regt.

Representing Warren's Brigade in Syke's Division, the gallant 5th New York Zouaves

Another view of the 5th NY

The boys the wore green. Representing Meaghar's Irish Brigade of Ricahrdson's Division, the 63rd New York 

White hats and white pants. Representing Bartlett's Brigade in Slocum's Division, the 16th New York

More Zou Zous! (more correctly Chaussers). Representing Newton's Brigade in Slocum's Divisions, the 95th Pennsylvania 

Representing Butterfield's Brigade in Morell's Division, the 83rd Pennsylvania (these guys are FPW Imperial Guard Volitguers/Chaussers. The only miniatures that were a close approximation to the 83rd Penn)

Two more regiments in blue, 9th Massachusetts (Griffin Brig, Morell Div), and 2nd Maine (Martindale Brig, Morell Div)

I also tested how well some of the ACW figures could be used as proxies for other wars in 10mm. I believe that it is doable. 

Pendraken ACW Zouave in Fez painted as the Brazilian Bahia Zouaves of the War of the Triple Alliance

From the back

Pendraken ACW Zouaves in Kepi as Pontifical Zoauves 

From the back

How the units painted look on the terrain board.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Perfidious Albion Game and short reviewIf

Me and Doruk, another of the historical players in the club, played a game of Perfidious Albion. We based our forces on the capital ships in the Battle of the Yellow Sea, 1904 during the Russo-Japanese War. I commanded the Russians and Doruk the Japanese.

The forces were as follows (production company next to it)

1 Tsesarevich Battleship (Flag-ship)-GHQ

2 Peresvet Class Battleships (Peresvet and Pbeda)-War Times Journal

2 Petropavlosk Class Battleships (Poltava and Sebastopol)-War Times Journal

1 Retvizan Battle Ship-War Times Journal

The Japanese had

1 Mikasa Battle Ship-War Times Journal

1 Asahi Battle Ship-War Times Journal

1 Fuji Battle Ship-Panzershiffe

1 Shikshima Battle Ship-Panzerschiffe

1 Armored Cruiser Nishin-Panzerschiffe

1 Armored Cruiser Kasuga-Panzerschiffe

The two fleets are very balanced as the Peresvet Battleships lacked serious main guns.

The two sides started in two converging lines of battles. The Russians are closer to the lens.

View from the Tsesarevich

The two lines begin converging. The Russians focused their fire on the AC Nishin in the hopes of sinking or crippling it enough that the Japanese line would break. The Japanese focused their fire on the Tsesarevits. 

Vie from the Sebastopol.

Towards the end. The Russian T is about to be crossed. The Tsesarevits, heavily pounded and both magazines flooded is breaking off from the battle. The Russian admiral has moved to the Persevert, which receives a pounding at close range. The Russians turn abrest with the goal of cutting the Japanese line in half. Minutes after this picture the Persevert sunk after repeated heavy caliber fire. The Nishin received a pounding but survived.  

The end result. A victory for Japan. 1 Russian Battleship badly crippled, 1 Russian battleship sunk, for one Armored Cruiser Heavily damaged.
My mistakes: This was the second Perfidious Albion game we played, and I am still getting the hang of the rules. I believe that I paid the price for not being aggressive enough. I severely underestimated the ability of ACs to take a pounding in extreme range. I also overestimated the ability of C Class guns *the main guns of the Presevert Class). I should had closed the range faster. The Japanese player did it for me, and brought overwhelming firepower on my two head battleships.

If I play this scenario again, I will probably run the two Presevert in an independent squadron and send them against the Japanese ACs, while the four other Russian BBs that have A calss guns will engage the Japanese battlewagons.

My thoughts on the rules:

On the one hand PA gives a lot of detail that is needed for a good PD game. Gun arcs, and different types of guns are included in this game, and you will need to consider how the different guns on a ship can be used. The Damage system is pretty fun and the use of the grided profiles of ships a great idea. Firing works as is : you decide what target each gun will hi-> pool smilar type guns togther-> cross reference gun type-range-armor penetration to get a percentage to straddle-> you add the percentages of all gun firing on the same target and hitting the same penetration-> for every full 100% you have an automatic straddle-> smaller numbers are rolled for. For each straddle you roll and D10 and D6 and corss reference with the grided profile of the ship in order to see what is hit.  Thus a simple procedure.

The problem is that this become tedious when you are dealing with fleets of more than 3 ships which have mutliple guns. Especially E and D guns which a single ship may have anything from 4-10, and a fleet from 15-30 can be very very tedious to calculate. I had to stop the game for 1 minute while calculating straddles at 3-4 levels of penetration. This was an issue, and in the end me and Doruk were both brain dead. I do not know if I am doing something wrong, or simply the rules are not good with large fleets (I would not date try Tsushima), but it became a bit tedious after a point.

That said the granularity of the rules does make them the best fast-paced rules for Pre-Dreadnoughts I have found.

Thus, I would recommend them, but for smalel actions (Lemnos, Elli, Yellow Sea, Yalu) rather than big ones (Lissa, Tsushima).

Onur efendis Ottoman Troops for 1877

My friend Onur, being a parent, has little time to maintain a blog. So I have taken on the task of presenting his 10mm Pendraken Ottoman Army for the 1877-1878 war period.

In Black Powder terms this is division size formation of 8 average sized Redif and Nizam Battalions and 3 tiny elite Nizam battalions. These are supported by 3 cavalry units, and 4 gun units (one horse, three field). I say he did a smashing job with them! Good show!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Warhammer 1000: The Empire

Its seems coming closer to completing grand projects is becoming a theme.

I finally did the base flocking for my 1000 point Warhammer Empire Army. With this I have completed 5 armies. Only three are left, Dogs of War, Skaven and High Elves. The figures are almost all Perry 15th century sets, with three GW figures, and one Tradition cannon and crew.

The army is made up of a large unit of Knights (the Hammer) and a firing line of 1 unit of handgunners, 1 unit of archers, two guns, supported by a unit of halbrediers (the anvil).

The whole army

Witchhunter/Captain-Warrior Priest-Wizard

The firing line. Handguners and Archers.


The Hammer, 12 Knights.

Friday, March 13, 2015

DBA II/39 Iberian Army

And I am almost done with the Great DBA project. This Ancient Iberian army is the 7th in the collection and with it the 3rd matched pair is done  (Polybian Romans vs. Ancient Iberians)

I am quite happy with the bases which are mix of kush-kush and static grass. To be frank the painting was not my top notch job (quite fast and dirty), But the bases help.

Only army left if a Feudal English to fight the Welsh.

DBA III/ 19b Welsh

My DBA projects is the oldest continuously running project. The goal is to collect 8 armies of 4 matched pairs for DBA (2.2, probably will update to 3.0).

To date I have painted 4 armies (which you can check out by clicking on the DBA armies label). These were Later Ottomans vs. Venetian Condotta, and Nikiforean Byzantines vs. Dynastic Bedouin. I have also painted a Polybian Roman Army. To these are added armies I painted as gifts to friends (Roman Polybian and Iberian, and a Roxholani Sarmatian Army)

Well I am coming closer to finishing the project. In one of my sales I swapped stuff I had with a painted Welsh Army. It was based for 1.1 but it was not hard to adapt it to 2.2. The painting was not great, but neither bad. Workmanlike. I just redid the basing an painted the shields. So here it is my sixth DBA army.

Like many tribal armies this is an army the needs to use the terrain well. The mainstay are warbands or fast spear, and long bows. 

Sunday, March 8, 2015

WIP Update: Gaine's Mill for Altar of Freedom

Good day!

Here are some bad pictures of my work in progress for running the Gaine's Mill scenario for Altar of Freedom. The 5th New York , the 16th New York, and the 95th Pennsylvania. Flags are by me and can be found on this blog (look at the left upper side). I apologize for the bad pictures, and fairly non-nondescript painting.