Thursday, May 21, 2015

Battle Report: Balkan War battle using Perfidious Albion.

Last week I went to the club and played with Doruk efendi a Ottoman-Greek naval clash in the First Balkan War. I commanded the Greeks while the Ottoman were led by Doruk efendi.

The Ottoman Fleet was made up of three pre-dreadnought battleships (Barbarossa, Torgut Reis, Mesudiye), and two Protected Cruisers (Medjidieh, Hamedieh).

The Greek fleet is made up of three pre-dreadnought battleships (Spetsai, Hydra, Psara), and an armored cruiser (the Averoff).

The battle was massive defeat for the Greeks, as the pictures that follow will show you

Early dispositions, Greeks from the right, Ottomans from the left.

The Ottoman line

The Greek line

The Greek line from the Psara. Averoff leads

The Averoff begins independent action. The goal is to bring the Ottoman fleet in a crossfire between the Averoff and the Greek battleships.

The Ottoman fleets begins maneuvers. 

The Averoff fires on the Ottoman line.

The Greek battle wagons steam towards the Ottoman Line.

The Ottomans begins a U turn to avoid crossfire.

Ottoman guns destroy the steering gear of the Spetsai, lead ship of the greek line.

The Greek fleet turns south following the stricken Spetsai. 

The Ottoman and Greek battle lines meet. While the Averoff continues battering the Ottoman line, but to little avail.

Desperate, the greek admirals orders the battler line to turn to line abreast and charge the Ottoman line.

And is punished as the Ottoman pummel the Psara and lead it to sink.

The Psara sinks.

The Greek line is in dissray, but focuses all fire on the Medjidieh.

This is sunk in due course to the consternation of the Ottoman Admiral.

But they make up for it by hitting the Spetsai in the magazine and exploding it.

leading to Ottoman celebrations!

and much Greek angst.

Things look bad for the Greeks (three ships sunk total, 2 greek ,1 Ottoman)

The Hydra follows its sister ships to the bottom of the sea

More Ottoman happiness. 

The Averoff still tries to fight. The Barbarossa is without guns after being pummeled by the Greek line.

Thus goes for the Ram! And makes it!

The Averoff limps away and fires one last barrage on the Barbarossa in hopes of sinking it. But it only cripples it.

And is sunk in turn by the Ottoman fleet.

Spetsai sunk by magazine hit
Psara sunk by firepower
Hydra sunk by firepower
Averoff sunk by firepower

Medjidieh sunk by firepower
Barbaross Hyderin Crippled (2 guns out, both magazines flooded, only 1 flotation point left)

Commentary: A bad, bad defeat. The Averoff was unable to get damage on the Ottomans (partly because trying to replicate the lack of gunnery training on the Greek ships I penalized its Ammo-Handling....even though historically the Averoff did very well in gunnery). The Ottoman fleet was well led (And lucky :p). I am not completely happy with Perfidious Albion. The minor guns of ships seem to be too powerful. In both of my games my losses were mostly due to E and F guns, rather then A or B guns. The middle guns (C and D) seem to be unable to do much. 

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Battle Photos: Celtiberians vs. Polybian Romans DBA 2.2

A most balanced affair

It has been a while since the last time I rolled dice in anger, so I decided to take out my DBA armies and fight a solo battle. I decided to fight Celtiberians vs. Polybian Romans. These are two armies that are well matched in DBA 2.2 and guaranteed to give a good game. The Celtiberians ended up being the defenders and the roman the attackers. Since both armies are mostly foot I opted for the 24x24 inches DBA board.

Celtiberians and Republican Romans  by Angus Macbride

The scenario is as is: A celtiberian tribe that is allied with Carthage is threatening Roman communications in Spain via a specific road. The Romans send a consular army to take care of them. The battle field is dominated bya steep hill and two forests. Between the hill and forests is the road. 

Lay of the Land

The Celtiberians

The Romans

Deployment. The Celtiberians deploy to take advantage of the hill.

1st Roman Bound

1st Iberian Bound

2nd Roman Bound

View from the Iberian Lines

2nd Iberian Bound

3rd Roman Bound and first contact

Iberian light Cavalry escapes Roman Equites

3rd. Iberian Bound

4th Roman Bound

4th Iberian Bound

5th Roman Bound

5th Iberian Bound

6th Roman Bound

6th Iberian Bound. Both sides are cautious. The Iberians hug the hills, while the Romans hesitate to charge them

7th Roman Bound

The Roman General goes for the kill but does not attain it.

7th Iberian Bound. The Iberians become more willing to take risks.

Battles both in the north, were the Iberian descend the hill and crush into the Roman velites

And in the south where they try to take down the Roman general, but fail.

8th Roman Bound

The Iberian general in trouble? No he shall survive!

8th Iberian Bound, the two Armies are now stuck in. Javelins are thrown, taunts given and shields strike shield!

9th Roman Bound

9th Iberian Bound

Warbands clash with Blades, and the Iberian General fights like mad!

10th Roman Bound

10th Iberian Bound

11th Roman Bound

11th Roman Bound. Both forces are trying to flank the other side.

12th Roman Bound

12th Iberian Bound. The Iberians apply rpessure in the north. The Romans in the south

13th Roman Bound

Iberian Ligth Cavalry caught in a ugly position!

Blades vs. Warbands at the foot of the hill!

13th Iberian Bound

Clash of shields!

14th Roman Bound

14th Iberain Bound

15th Roman Bound. The Romans are trying to kill the Iberian general, while in the north, Iberian psiloi and warbands are turning the Roman flank.

15th Iberian Bound

16th Roman Bound

16th Iberian Bound. The armies have made an almost complete 90 degree realignment from their earlier positions.

17th Roman Bound

The Iberian general falls!

17th Iberian Bound, trying to make up for the loses. I called it quits at this point.

The situation at the end

Iberian Losses: 1 General (Cav), 1 Light Horse, 1 Psiloi, 1 Warband

Roman Losses 2 Blades, 1 Psiloi, 1 Spears.
As I hoped the two armies gave a nice, see saw battle, that ended with a 4-4 score, with the Romans winning because they killed the Celtiberian Genernal. The game took 17 bounds, which is pretty long for DBA, primarily because the Steep Hill acted as a major deterrent for the Romans. Both sides were careful and husbanded their resources, even if both Generals were braver than what would be prudent. I was surprised that the battle raged  across the length of the field. Many DBA battles will see one part of the battlefield in flame, and the others at calm. But here they fought everywhere. All in all a good fun battle.

Here is the PIPs roled by each side each bound ( Roman/ Iberian)

1: 6/6 - 2:1/5 - 3:2/1- 4: 3/2 - 5: 2/5-  6:2/3 - 7:3/6 - 8:6/1 - 9:1/2 - 10:5/3 - 11:4/4 - 12: 1/1 -
13: 5/4 - 14: 1/2 - 15: 6/3 - 16: 2/4 - 17: 5/4

Average Roman: 3.2

Avrage Celtiberian: 3.2

The Goddess of Luck was fair to both sides. Truly a most balanced affair